08 February 2011

First Posted 15 January 2008

A Day Late But Worth The Wait

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As stated in my last entry, it's SUMMERTIME! And it's the ninth of January. I am sitting in my bedroom after taking a long walk down the boardwalk, where I was sweating my ass off and all I was wearing was jeans and a T-shirt, my window is open and a balmy breeze is wafting in. Amazing! I can't believe that it's so nice out.

Miss Patti and I met on the boards earlier today under foggy and rainy skies and it was rather chilly. We entered the Irish Pub, made ourselves comfortable, and ordered the Poor Richard's Special. We sat and ate, reading the framed turn-of-the-century items that adorn the walls, trying to decipher the autographs that decorated a now-defunct restaurant menu. Kitty Carlisle, Martha Raye, Danny Kaye, the list was extensive and a who's who of yesteryear. We relished the onion soup and the delicious hot roast beef sandwiches, chatting about this and that. The waitron came over with our bill, eight dollars for everything, we paid, put on our coats and left through the gift shop, with me mentally noting that I want to pick up a T-shirt from there next time we return. We exit the building and I was glad I thought to bring my sunglasses because the sun was breaking through the clouds but the breeze was still chilly, blowing the stormclouds away. We wandered down the 'walk and window shopped, as most of the merchants did not even bother to come in and open their stores with the morning weather being so uncooperative. The Pier was open and we wandered through there, looking at the expensive (and rather ugly) wares that are sold to people who have more money than taste. Except for Tiffany's. There's nothing unattractive about Tiffany's! The sun had come out full force over the ocean, dappling the wind tossed waves with sparkling diamonds. We wandered through Caesars Casino and emerged on Pacific Avenue to a whole new world. The winds that were once chilly and blustery are now warm and inviting. The overcast skies were now bright and shining, the sun, although low in the winter sky, was beaming like a summer day. I kissed my good friend good-bye and wished her a good day at work and made my way back to the 'walk where I took off my winter Varsity coat (from Cardinal Ohara H.S., in Philadelphia) and sweatshirt and slung them over my shoulder and began to sweat as I took the route back home. The sun was far warmer than I expected, I think I may have even been sunburned a bit.

I found my way to the flower shop and updated the Café and got to see Chuck, the head florist, whose humour I find very similar to my own. He's also an accomplished artist and part of the art in the Art of Flowers. His works are hung on their walls and can be purchased for a reasonable fee. We chatted a bit and then he left for the day, on an errand of health that I hope finds him well.

I decided to come home and open the windows to clear out some of the winter doldrums that permeated the penthouse. Who knows when we will enjoy such a spectacular day like this again?

The news channels are all agog over the surprising win by Senator Clinton over Barak Obama in the New Hampshire primary, which was contrary to the polls taken ad infinitum the day before. It's going to be a long election year. Very long, indeed.

Tonight my plans and goals include yet another visit to the House of Pain and then the Westside Lounge, where I will be serving the cock…tails of love to all whom enter.

See you there!

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