08 February 2011

First Posted 19 October 2007

Two Days For The Price Of One

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Let's see...I did practically nothing the other day until evening fell. I did go to the offices to see Tiffany, and I had lunch with Miss Patti again at Johnny Rockets but, nothing else exciting happened. Time passed and then it was time to get ready and go see "Legends" at Resorts. Lance finally rung me back and told me that I was too late in inviting him to see the show, he had agreed to babysit his nephew. I told him that if he had answered his phone (which he never does), it wouldn't have been too late and it didn't matter anyway, Joey G. and I replaced him. With Miss Tene! Definitely an upgrade. Joey came to collect me and then off we went to get Tene. I haven't been to her flat in ages and once again, she redecorated the damn place. It's getting smaller and smaller with all the layers of paint she slaps on that bitch! If she scraped the walls bare, she'd probably add half a foot of space to her place!
We waited for her to get ready and off we went to the show, debating where to park, which entrance to go in, where to stand, how to look, who to throw shade at, what to drink, reading each other...the usual things when three major drama queens get together. I was instructed to get the alcohol (just because I'm a bartender...whatever!) and Joey arranged the seating. Well, he did a fabulous job because we were hooked up in one of the half-circle booths! Reserved! V.I.P.! Take that bitches! You know everyone wanted to know just who the hell we were because, actually, looking from the outside we make quite an odd trio. Think about it, a seven-foot tall black woman with huge tits and ass, a Puerto Rican dancer sporting a beard and a tall vampire-white boy all together in one group is an odd collection in anyone's book.
We sat and watched the show, reading each performer for filth. "Legends" is usually a good show. For those who don't know what it is: "Legends" is a packaged casino show originating out of Las Vegas that features look-and-sound-alike performers of established stars. They are quick to point out the fact that they are NOT lip-synching, which I take umbrage with but, that's just me defending the art of drag, something I am very proud of. We may not sing live (although I have, on many occasion), some of us are DAMN good at what we do! They were also touting how long they have been performing on Atlantic City stages. I STILL have the longest running show in Atlantic City! Take THAT, bitches (don't forget, Mortimer's Cafe at the new club starting Sunday 28 October, see you there)!
Anyway, as I said, it's usually a good show. Tonight, not so much. They opened with a Jay Leno look-a-like who did a very convincing job although a few of his jokes bordered on the Catskills circuit. "Take my wife...please!" kind of jokes. The Michael Jackson looked like he ATE Michael Jackson and was sweating and huffing up a storm during his performance. The Elvis also looked like he ate Elvis AND Michael Jackson. I have seen him before, though, and he sings very well, hitting the notes like Elvis himself. Unlike theLiza look-a-like. My gods, there wasn't a note she couldn't flatten. Or hit. Or sustain. And she did way too many numbers. The Marilyn Monroe was excellent! Her first number was "Diamonds", of course, and my only problem with the staging was the female dancers behind her. They were superfluous. Marilyn should be the only female out there. She's MARILYN MONROE, forchrissakes! She then came into the audience and started talking to various men in the crowd, she was a scream! Very clever and her lipstick was FLAWLESS! As were her teeth. I wanted to take those veneers and play a hand of mah jhong! Our friend Ron was dancing in the show and, although I love him to pieces and watched him now and again, I couldn't keep my eyes off of the guitarist. He was RIGHT up my alley. Short, dark hair, South American. I was instantly in lust, for the hour or so of the performance. We said our good-byes to Ron after the show ended andthen made our way home. I was up for a while, watching telly and doing a few things around my room and finally went to sleep.
Thursday came and I slept most of the day, I guess my sleep-debt finally caught up with me. I finally got up and bandied about remembering that they were blowing up the Sands at night. I got ready and off I went, since it was early I walked down the boardwalk instead of taking a jitney. It was strange, everyone out there was going in the same direction. Chase rung me up and told me where to meet him and I finally made my way through the enormous crowd, finding him out on the beach with his boyfriend, Joey, and their friend, Matt (who I have been crushing on for months and months). We sat in the sand (looking at the Sands) waiting for the big moment. Our individual mobiles kept ringing and we were juggling our conversations with each other and the people who were calling, trying to coordinate everyone. Chase's father showed up with a few people, Joey's mom was on the roof of Bally's, wanting us to join her up there, Miss Patti was stuck on a jitney in traffic on Pacific Avenue. Finally, the fireworks started and continued, the klieg lights were swirling around, casting their light on the clouds above, the Sands was bathed in a constantly changing pattern of lights and colours. I had my camera out, video taping the event. Then, the fireworks stopped and you heard this BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! and you felt the beach under your feet shaking, it was incredible, the power of the dynamite exploding and vibrating the earth beneath us. And then another series of BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! and then it started, slowly, majestically, the second casino built in Atlantic City, that old girl of the boardwalk, one of my most favourite places on the island, began to fall, the Sands sign up at the top falling down, down, down, finally collapsing in a heap of dust and debris.
I admit, I shed a tear or two. And I saw, when looking around at the crowd, that I wasn't the only one.
We all took in the moment and then my mobile rung, it was Miss Patti, she was still on the jitney but, she was stuck in the perfect spot, she got to see the entire thing! We made our way through the crowds after saying good-bye to Chase's dad and ended up ducking under a lifeguard stand to get back onto the boardwalk and then we decided to get cock...tails, of course. Joey's mom and Patti met us in Ballys. The Blue Martini was too busy and too warm (and they had karaoke, ugh!) so we went to The Pier at Caesars and the Continental Restaurant/Bar where we tortured the wait-staff and had dessert and martinis. All scrumptious! Chase drove Patti to the train station and then I took him by the new club and then he drove me home.
Good-bye, Sands, you will be missed.
Note: I have photos and video of the Sands implosion but, I am having a devil of a time uploading them to the journal. Next time!
One week away from our grand opening! And yes, certain riff-raff will not be allowed.

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  1. Miss Tene's ass is huge! She took a picture of Lucy the Elephant and told the surgeon I want my ass to look just like that!!!