08 February 2011

First Posted 9 February 2008

Not Entirely As Expected

Current mood:depressed

The day, that is. Although I wandered the city in nothing more than a light -denim jacket and had on a T-shirt underneath, it wasn't as warm as we were led to believe, at least not here on the island. And wander, I did, beginning before the sunrise and still going strong throughout the day. Yes, hot cats and cool chicks, Mortimer the intrepid took it upon himself to haunt the city of not-his-birth several times today. By nine-thirty, I was back home after walking my usual route, first stopping by the United States Post Office to mail a package that was long overdue in sending. I only had to send it a few blocks from the penthouse but I wanted to surprise the recipient, we all like to get mail, especially packages.

I spent some time at the flower shop chatting with Chuck about his trip to ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Florida that he took with his other half, Jack. It seems they were both in agreement about the trip. I'll leave it at that.

I updated the Café and once again, I screwed up the floppy disc that I use to transfer my entries. I was checking it on my desktop at home and I changed something in the previous entry and when I put it in the flower shop's computer, it couldn't read the damn disc. Wonderful! When I got home later, I fixed the problem and returned to the shop and…well…fixed the problem and updated my journal…again. I then took it upon myself to wander, once again, through the city because I HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH MY TIME! Egads! I hate insomnia! Actually, I had made a music CD of Motown remixes for Lance to play at Evo, it's a nice reworking of classic Motown songs and I thought it would be nice for the dinner crowd at the restaurant. I also wanted to see Lance again. I gave him the pamphlets for the gym detailing their monthly classes and the different memberships, he had mentioned wanting to do an aerobics class. I don't do aerobics. I did one, once. I am not joking when I say that the next day, I couldn't even get on an escalator. My hand on my shoe pantry, I have never wanted to die so sincerely in my entire life. Seriously. It was the most pain I have ever known and this pain was throughout my entire body.

I finally got home, again, and decided that I needed a nap. I have to work this evening and I need to rest, I guess. I ate a meatloaf sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise and pickles on wheat bread (Y-U-M-!) and got comfortable, climbing into bed and nodding off. That was twenty bloody minutes ago! Arrgh! This is maddening!

Time to get ready to hit the gym and then…who knows?


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I'm back from the gym and guess what?

I am about to fall right asleep as I type!

Of course.

I think a shower is in order (that should help wake me back up) and then, I am off to work, where it will be horrendously slow since there are storms coming, the same ones that tore up the Midwest on Super Tuesday.

I stopped by my father's and stepmother's after the gym to pick up my last W-2 form. Before work tomorrow, I'll try to get my taxes done so I can get back online and terrorize J-land like there's no tomorrow.

Live in fear, people. Live in fear.

(Several days have passed since the above was written. What happened later is only in the AOL Café.)

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