08 February 2011

First Posted 12 September 2007

Snow Day And Then Some

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Recently we had a wonderful snow day on the island and for some damn reason, I went out and enjoyed it. Immensely. I had gotten up out of a deep sleep, after working the day before and crept into the bathroom and half listened to the television that was still on in my room. The news people were jabbering on about this and that and they kept mentioning the snow, where it was, how long it would be here and such. I wasn't exactly believing them until I finished up my bathroom routine and went into my room, spun open the mini-blinds and exclaimed, "Holy Cold Miser! It's snowing!". Well, I thought, "That looks nice." and I went right back to bed, watching the little snowflakes wafting down from the safety, warmth and comfort of my bed. I rolled around, trying to go back to sleep. I had nothing to do until much later that night (work) and I wasn't really into doing anything around the penthouse since I already did my mountains of laundry and I heard my psycho-mate puttering about out there, I didn't want to deal with...that this holiday season. Or ever.
Can someone explain to me how I ended up, less than twenty minutes later, on the boardwalk and standing there like a Peanuts character with my mouth open letting the snowflakes waft in? Because, I honestly don't know exactly how it happened?! I had no, I mean, absolutely no thought processes go through my head that led me to this course of action. It's as if I was possessed. What an odd moment. I must admit, though, it was rather beautiful. It was late afternoon and so quiet on the boards. And yes, the boardwalk was plowed. It's a city law, when (and if) it snows, the boardwalk must be the first thoroughfare to be cleared of the white stuff. I started my usual trek uptown, feeling the snowflakes gently tickling my face, falling on my eyelashes and wafting into my eyes, melting instantly on my contact lenses. It was beautiful. They were small flakes, thankfully because it had been snowing for hours and it would have been up to my knees by then. As it was, it just laid on the beach and lawns, the buildings and trees, the casinos and boardwalk, just enough to cover everything with a bit of white and it looked so pretty. I then made my way through the casinos, warming up a bit and I ran into one of my customers from the night before. Now this was a pickle since I was still wearing the same exact clothes that he saw me in behind the bar. I hurriedly said, "Hullo! I'll see you at the club tonight" and I quickly made my way to The Pier to look at the holiday window dressings that the more expensive stores put on. Very nice. I went to see Meredith at The Rainforest Cafe and I had a bite to eat and way too many Bloody Marys. My wander home was still idyllic, the snow was still coming down but, it was dark now and colder, most of what melted was now turning to ice and it was getting a bit slippery on the boards. Watching the snow come down through the street lamps was nice.
I got home and got ready for work, feeling a bit tipsy, when I get a phone call that we we might not open. Damn! I was looking forward to it. Miss Tene and I were on the phone, chatting about the situation and then we decided to just go, we figured, since we have been in this city for...EVER, we know that people come out in the snow, not the rain, but the snow. It's strange but, it's something they have always done in this town.
Well, they did come out! Unfortunately, I still didn't work. MyAsst. Manager decided it wasn't enough business for me to work with him so, I just sat there drinking for free all night. I guess that was a fair consolation prize.

The rest of the week was rather unremarkable. I did end up picking up a few shifts here and there because one of the bartenders was fired and another was sick with the flu. It amounted to a hill of beans because, it's between Thanksgiving and Christmas, everyone is out at the malls, not the bars.

Oh, why was I STILL out at ten in the morning the other day, you may ask? Well, Maloney's Uptown, a little bar near the boardwalk that used to be the Pittsburgh, an Irish bar, started a new promotion on Saturday nights. It's the "Club Tru/Studio Six AfterhoursParty!" and, well, I just HAD to go when I got off of my shift at the Westside. I was treated like royalty when I walked in, hugs, kisses and drinks were non-stop! They had me behind the bar serving everyone and I had TOO MUCH FUN FOR ONE PERSON! I didn't get home until well after eleven o'clock in the morning and I passed right out! It was rather sad, though. I left one bar where half of our old crowd was and went into another club where the other half was.

I hate that we aren't all together anymore!

I got up, fiercely hung, and got my act together for the show that evening. It was another birthday night and I had to re-learn a Spanish language number that I haven't done in ages. My friend, Jose (they are all bloody named Jose) from Ruby Tuesdays, liked the song and he wanted me to do it for his birthday.

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