08 February 2011

First Posted 22 April 2004

Time Line to Disaster

Well, I have a date. A real, honest to goodness, bonifide, grade-a date. I am freaking out. Thursday is the day. I am smiling so hard, my eyes are shut. I am freaking out. I have not been on a "real" date in a very long time. I have never been on a date with someone that I didn't already kinda know, so this is going to be very weird. I am freaking out! Oh Christ! What the hell am I going to wear. Tomorrow morning I think I will be on my way to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and my second adopted home town. Atlantic City is the first and now Boston is the third (I'm all over, like dog poop). I think I will be taking in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a favourite haunt, to see the Manet and the Sea exhibit and stroll around Franklin Parkway to the Rodin Museum, then maybe along the Schyulkill River and Fairmount Park, it should be a nice day and I will throughly enjoy the trip. Afterword, I think a nice dinner at a small restaurant known for it's laid back atmosphere and good food, and then I think I'll maybe make a stop for an after dinner cocktail (martini, natch) at a trendy watering hole where the well heeled go to kick up their Pradas. I'll make it an early evening so I think I'll probably go back to the Main Line, and rest my head on a big comfy pillow, and dream the dreams of small children and the insane. I think. Should any of this happen, I'll definitely be declared mad. Mad, bad and fabulous to know. Well, all the plans are set, I am packed and about to get showered and changed and I'll be taking the train to Philadelphia for an afternoon rendezvous. Can you say, excited? I hardly slept and I feel like a little kid, Christ, I need a valium. For those of you astute enough to notice that I packed a bag, that's none of your business, smarty pants. I'll probably be home tomorrow afternoon, so don't wait up...

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