08 February 2011

First Posted 15 December 2007

The Past And The Future

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I am loving this little lappy, although the keyboard drives me nuts. I am so used to a full-sized keyboard that I am constantly hitting the wrong keys on this one. The economy of space is necessary but annoying.
Work on Wednesday night was fun, it's been very steady at the bar and I am doing well, for the three days I work and with the holiday season in full tilt. Thursday afternoon was better, potential boyfriend wise. A very cute boy, who's name is Scott, I believe, and drinks Heinekens (that's the bartender in me, everyone is defined by their cock…tail of choice) sat at the bar and we chatted for hours. Very nice. He works at Convent House, a youth rescue program which has various facilities in the city, doing contracted services. I like that. He's right up my alley, dark hair, great smile, altruistic personality (and probably has a boyfriend). Hopefully we'll chat again soon.
I wanted to go home after shift but, Meredith (Malibu and Coke with a cherry and big straw) wanted to come and play when she finished up at the Rainforest Café so, being the dutiful friend that I am, I stayed and had a few Ketel One and tonics (with lemon). And then a few more. I finally gave up and begged off and went home to sleep the sleep of the drunk and dead.
My boss, Giget (Cosmopolitan shots) rang me up on Friday. Evidently, we had a staff meltdown with people needing off, fired and/or sick and he needed me to work pretty much two double shifts this weekend. Yikes! And a show. Double Yikes! Meredith rang me up to go out last night (Friday) and I declined the offer since I needed to rest up for my upcoming marathon of bartending. Glad I did, I am nurturing a head cold and I needed the extra time to recover. I did order in some food. That was nice, to have a few bucks to blow on a delivery. After eating my Stromboli with everything and curly fries and large garden salad, I went back to my room and drifted off to sleep, waking up now and again but getting some much needed rest.
Which leads me to today, now.
I have to go cash my Unemployment Compensation check (woohoo, and "thank you" my fellow taxpayers of the great state of New Jersey!) and pay the rest of my rent and stop at the flower shop to update the Café. After that, I think I'll take a walk, go get something to eat and then…then…make my way to the Westside Lounge to serve cock…tails for twelve hours! I may bring good ol' lappy there, to work on my book during slow moments. I began writing it again (I deleted everything I had done to date) and I love, love, love how it's turning out now.
Time to get ready. I'll update the Café after I recover.

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