08 February 2011

First Posted 15 December 2007

What A Magnificent Day!

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Yet another paean to global warming, to walk around in mid-December in nothing more than T-shirt and light jacket. I am very happy with this state of affairs that my corner of our little blue planet finds itself in. Yes, my J-land friends in the south of our Union of States are in a dangerous drought, and those in the western states are either drowning or burning, here on the Mid-Eastern seaboard, things are just ducky! Believe me, I do wish there was something, anything I could do to help those J-landers in need but, although I am Satan, I don't have total control over the Earth…yet. I know that my last entry was entitled with the word "snow" in it and we have even more winter weather on it's way tomorrow and this weekend but, for now, today, I am in climatic heaven! I did my usual jaunt through the city, the flower shop, the boardwalk, etc. This time, though, I met up with Miss Patti for our usual Wednesday brunch at the Irish Pub. We both partook of the "Poor Richard's Special" which on Wednesdays is onion soup and a fresh roast beef sandwich. We splurged on a plate of REAL steak fries, not those horrible things that you get with that crusty stuff on it that is supposed to make them taste better. It doesn't. With her coffee and my iced tea, our total bill was ten dollars and five cents.

Talk about a deal! I love Richard and his po' self!

She and I wandered around on the boardwalk after our frugal repast and stopped in a dollar store where they were having a half off sale. Well, I picked up a little plasticine nun that will go perfect with my little shrine that I have up front in my living room (she did, standing right next to St. Francis). I saw Lance at Evo Restaurant and invited him to the Christmas show at the Tropicana but, after I thought about it when I got home, I don't believe I'll go. I don't have a pot to piss in right now, monetary wise, and I'd need at least ten dollars to tip the maitre' d (who's a friend of mine) for seating us. I can't ask Lance to pay the tip since I invited him so, I am doing the gallant thing and blowing him off. If only I had the tickets for tomorrow, after I work tonight, then I'd have a little pocket cash to fool around with. Oh, wait, I couldn't go tomorrow, either, since I work the day shift and that covers both of the showtimes atthe Tropicana on Thursday. Ahh, to have problems, what a unique experience for me!

I got home and began to look over my father's laptop that he gave me a long time ago. It's old. I mean really old. It probably weighs more than my desktop computer in the dining room but, after going through the programs that I didn't need and uninstalling them, and cleaning up a few things here and there, and getting used to the programs that I haven't used the outdated versions of for quite a few years, I think it just might serve my needs to both update my Café and write my book! I collect old things, like Miss Patti, so using this antique laptop is right up my alley. It's bright, clean and this version of MS Word that I'm on is very convenient. I won't have to "spell check" when I finally get to the Café from Becky's computer at the flower shop and I love the auto-correct and grammar check. The "Word" program I have on my desktop isn't this good and it's a newer version.

Maybe it's just me.

Oh, I did stop at my "addiction enabling centre" and purchase some fresh hot pretzels. I am truly addicted to those damn things. "Philly Pretzel Factory", damn you to hell! I just had a visit from my landlord and the plumber, who was checking our radiators. Evidently, the one in my room wasn't working. The plumber correctly deduced that it's not the radiator, it's the landlord who won't keep the heat up to a temperature conducive to human habitation (or will push the heat up to the third floor and my room in the back of the penthouse). Which leaves me to putting so many flannel sheets, covers, afghans, and comforters on my bed at night, I can't turn over because everything is so heavy it crushes me under it's weight.

That's fine, I do like it a bit on the chilly side. It's just a bitch when I get out of the shower, or right in the morning/afternoon/night when I am getting up for the day. Facing that bracing chill is enough to give you frostbite! It does wake one up, though.

Oh, this is going to be the ruination of me. I have a non-Internet connected, perfectly functioning laptop (that weighs forty pounds) in my room, I can write for days and days and days…

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