08 February 2011

First Posted 26 February 2008

It Comes, It Goes

Current mood:depressed

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I haven't been in a writing mood, as of late. I haven't been in much of a mood at all. I feel disconnected, uninterested and out-of-the-loop. It's a strange feeling.

Last week was boring, even my manager's birthday on Friday. Yes, he got plastered, and mayhem ensued but it was expected, which made it rather uneventful. I had gotten called into work for the day shift and had one customer all day. Just one! Luckily it was my friend who is VERY easy on the eyes and we sat, had a few shots and talked about everything all day. He told me about his upcoming nuptials in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Mexico, which sounds really inviting right now (although he's not getting married until December).

I'd like to interject that it's maddening that some people in this country can get legally married to each other in ANOTHER country and it's recognized here and I can not get legally married ANYWHERE to the person I love but, that's an argument for another time.

Around nine-thirty, the place began to get busy and I had to laugh; everyone came in and was commenting on my friend, wondering who he was, how incredibly cute he is, why I would know him? It was fun, actually, very good for my ego. Too bad he's straight and engaged.

Bloody breeders!

He left and I started decorating the club with Jose for the celebration and it got fairly busy. Claudia's show was good, as usual. She's become a good little performer, or is it an "entertainer"? I don't remember which word was the insult when she read me that time at the front door of the Studio Six to everyone behind my back. I did have a texting incident with my friend Chase, which got out of hand and made me think rather less of him. Here's the story:

Miss Tene was at The Pier and saw Chase who told her he was coming out that night to see Claudia perform. Tene asked him why he hasn't been to the club to see me since I have been doing the Café since we opened. He gave a shrug and rolled his eyes which means, he doesn't really care for my show. Now, on one hand, it's no biggie, people have different tastes and on the other hand, it's a bitter pill, as a performer, you want people to enjoy your show. I have been around long enough to let it roll off my back but it didn't stop me from having a bit of fun when Tene came to the club and told me about her conversation with Chase. I text messaged him and told him that Claudia had to cancel and I was replacing her and that I'm sure he's still going to come out that night to see me perform.

He text messaged me back saying that he wasn't coming out at all, he was so busy with work and he had to go away on Sunday. I replied that she was performing, it was a joke and that I missed him.

Well, before he got my reply, he had rung up Claudia in a panic, asking why the show was canceled and that he wasn't going out if she wasn't performing, which she told me when she called me on my mobile. She was upset that Chase wasn't going to attend and I explained to her that I was joking and that I'd inform him that she was definitely performing that evening. Then I thought about it.

I was not a happy camper.

I sent a message telling him so and…well…

…he never showed up.

I did tell him that it was wrong of him not to support his friend, Claudia, and to make it up to her. I stopped by yesterday to see him but he wasn't at the shop. Oh well. I seem to excel in detonating my relationships.

Speaking of: I rung that harpy, Johanna, on Saturday because I heard she had been very ill and I wanted to make sure she was doing better. She was. She had the nerve to give me attitude. I trained her too well.

It's time to do something. Anything. I need to get out of the Penthouse (with my six dollars to my name) and look productive.

The gym is calling…

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