08 February 2011

First Posted 21 October 2007

Excited. Trepidatious. Worried. Happy. Hopeful. Scared.

Current mood:determined

These are the emotions I am feeling, among many others, that are flooding through my psyche. We had another staff meeting yesterday. The new club is moving along, the pool table is in, the lights were delivered, the ceiling tiles were put in, the beer coolers are working, the staff has been expanded to include more bouncers, another bartender. It looks as if I am working three, probably four shifts and then my show, Mortimer's Cafe, on Sundays. I am so looking forward to working again. Very much so. The idle mind is the Devil's workshop, as they say, and I have been idle too long.
I am still waiting to hear from Chase about that other job offer. It's a tempting offer, to be sure although, I am nervous about starting something new, to jump in to uncharted waters. I like expanding my knowledge, honing new skills and this seems right up my alley, and I have adapted before. I have proven to myself that application is most of the battle. It's just learning to apply one's self to a new environment that brings up all those fears, those anticipations, those worries. Can I do this? Is this for me? Am I doing a good enough job? Am I bringing it to the table at the best of my abilities? I do know that I will enjoy having two jobs again, should this happen.

I am lucky that I have true friends who come to my aid when I am down, and offer me a hand, a job, help. Very lucky, indeed!

It's another beautiful day, today. Bright, sunny, warm. And it's late October. If this is global warming, BRING IT ON! I actually have a tan from walking on the boardwalk every day. In OCTOBER! Well, it's a farmer's tan and it's more like a ton of freckles. Everywhere. But a tan, nonetheless. Jerry has been on a decorating binge again. Now that he's renting Chunkie's old room for storage (a rather smart move considering how much bloody crap he has), the living room and dining room are now box free (insert great joy and relief here)! But, the drawback...EXTREME DECORATION! There is not an inch of space in the penthouse that isn't chock-a-block stuffed with some dollar store Halloween decoration. It's EVERYWHERE for the eye to see. It's...well...sorry this is so politically incorrect but...it's RETARDED! It's like Dracula blew up in here!
The funny thing is, he does all this and then hides in his room all day, every day. Which means I am the only one inflicted with his bad taste. My gods, what have I done to deserve this? My lack of payment for paper products should not have warranted this! The punishment does not fit the crime!

Time to get ready for my morning walk down the fabled Atlantic City boardwalk.

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