08 February 2011

First Posted 5 January 2008

It Was The Same, It Was Different

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Well, New Year's Eve came and went with the usual fanfare and hope as it does every year. There were a few things that were different, and something missing, though, which made me sad. All of which had to do with my year from hell, the year I wish never happened. Of course, last year I was the Asst. Manager of Club Tru/Studio Six and I was so bloody busy, I worked my ass off running around the complex. This year, I was a bartender and I it was busy but, not like years gone by. Last year, the Studio Six was open and running and this year it was shut down and I was working at a new bar/club. Last year I had one of my closest and dearest friends wasn't around. I had let him go away for the holiday and this year, he wasn't around again and sadly, so sadly, it was because of me as well but for a far different reason, one that broke my heart, completely. I still hurt just as badly as the day everything happened. I still cry.

I remember as a kid when playing a game and doing something stupid you would say, "Do over!" and you'd get to redo what you did wrong, right then and there, like it never happened.

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How I wish I could call a "do over" for last year. I wouldn't hurt anymore.

I have worked nearly everyday since the weekend before Christmas. I have only had two days off (Christmas Eve, yesterday). Most of the time I have done double back shifts and double shifts. I am only scheduled for three days a week. And now, I thought I'd have a nice day, doing laundry, going to the gym, taking my usual walk around the city when my manager rang me up and called me in for yet another double shift. Only this time, it's going to be grueling because this is the first Saturday that we are going to have late hours. We tried the twenty-four hour thing on New Year's Eve and there were no problems so, we decided to stay open later on Saturdays, till six or eight. Goodie!

It's time to get my ass together and go to the Art of Flowers to post this and then go to work.

I guess starting the new year working so much and making money is a good sign.

I'd trade it in for that "do over" in a heartbeat.

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