08 January 2006

What Day Is This?

How weird. To be off on Saturday night. I am beside myself. Except for this past Christmas (which really doesn't count), I haven't had a Saturday night off in years. So what did I do? I watched movies and then slept. The last of the big time party boys, right? It's unbelievable.
I have to work tonight, yippie! I never thought I would say that. Friday was a non-event. It was so slow at Babes, they let me go at four in the morning, I think I made $10. That's rounding up. What a difference a week makes. Now, with the club being closed, I am really re-thinking this whole "depending on the kindness of strangers" crap. There is an opportunity to get a regular job, within our company, that would mean a salary which, although boring, would solve a lot of the stress that I have around the winter time when the pickings are slim. I have typed up my resume and I am going to turn it in tonight. Wish me luck!
I think I am going to go take a walk, it's almost fifty degrees at one in the afternoon and I haven't done a Sunday stroll in ages! Hell, usually, I am just getting home right now, lol, ready to die.
See you on the boards!


  1. I wish you lots of luck with the new position, but boring gets old fast. That's why at 40 I am still trying to find the perfect job..hey I'm not trying to depress you..lol and thanks. Enjoy your stroll.

  2. well that sucks im sure, to get a "regular job" thats all i KNOW, lol; i wish i could have ur life down the shore...
    instead of this crappy day job with a house and bills that eat up all my pennies relentlessly!!!
    suckage, for sure!

    dont get frustrated like lizzzza, u'll be ranting and spewing shit like me before u know it once u get that boring thankless mindfucking day job

    oh and by the way: good luck darlin

    love u


  3. Oh wishing you much luck! I hope you enjoyed your stroll.


  4. Lots of luck on the job, Mort! :)