29 January 2006

It's What Time? And I Am Still Home?

I never went out. I looked in my wallet and moths flew out. Reviewing my finances is always a good way to dissuade myself from going out. Poop!

I did go to Little Jose's and used his gym. I didn't feel like walking the two miles to my gym so, I IMed him and coordinated things to use the gym in his building. He sat with me for a bit, and we caught up on the week, I hadn't seen or talked to him since last Sunday. With his work and school, I never get to see my buddy anymore. Poop!

He left (things to do) and I did an abbreviated workout, since the machines there are not much more than what they used in Roman times. Very limited. I got the major areas done, which is what I wanted to do. Just to keep things up. I took a few shots after my workout, it felt weird doing that, almost like I was doing some sort of porn (my clothes were on). I can't believe it's me in the pictures. If Miss Patti gets her errands done early today, I'll have the pictures ready to download and I will post them to both Cafes. I was chatting with Rita the other day and told her she won't recognize me when she comes back from the Philippines in April. I figure I'll send her some shots so she knows it's really me.

I chatted with Miss Tene and it seems I am off the hook about Friday. Good. I didn't need that on my plate.

I haven't been sleeping. I get a few hours in and that's it. And my dreams are very wild and vivid. I am getting a whole lot done around the penthouse, though.

I can't wait to work tonight!

There are a few things over at our original Cafe, for those on the exclusive guest list. It is our flagship location and we don't let just anyone in!


  1. Can't wait to see the pics...I am going to keep trying the gym...I am already bored, and the soreness is not even gone yet. We are going to Florida in July, and I want to be a hottie..lol Good luck..I know. Maybe not hot, but pretty damn warm. lol Take care

  2. I am so honored to be on the guest list for the first Mortimer's Cafe! I do hope that you get some decent sleep some time; insomnia sucks. BTDT; on meds now.

    Enjoy the day??


  3. wow..you're doing well on your work out....looking good!..no ..great!
    Gem :-)