05 January 2006

Pick A Subject, Here's Several Choices

Oh, goodie! We have another computer security warning to be afraid of. This is just faboo. Like I need this on my plate right now. Thankfully (I can't believe I am about to say this but) the AOL Overlords have deemed to get off their asses and update things for me. How nice for me. How nice for everybody.

I am still reeling about the news of Johanna getting fired. I am really not having a great 2006 and it's only six bloody days into the new year. I would ask "what next?" but I am afraid of the answer!

I have done nothing for days now. That is not good. I now feel well enough (read: my rib isn't throbbing, just a dull ache) to go back to the gym. It seems that everytime I get back into the swing of the gym, something comes up to stop me (read: Little Jose sneaks up and bear hugs me again). I am determined to have a god-bod by summer. That way, I can break a rib or arm or something on that little putz. I am just joking, he's my buddy and he's so afraid of me it's not even funny. That's why he jumps me, he knows I can kick his ass.

The mining tragedy has really upset me. I went to the club on Tuesday thinking that everything was great, they found them alive! When I came home, several hours later, I was stunned at the news. It's such a shame and horrible for these poor people to have to be sent on that emotional roller coaster. I can not imagine how they feel. My heart goes out to them. I hope the survivor pulls through and can tell us what happened.

The weather here has been nice, in the fifties which is great for January. They keep saying it's gonna get cold and then we have another warm front. I am not complaining.

I am trying to find our clippers, I am going to shave my head, again. With my newly found unemployment, I can't afford the salon treatment, like I am want, so I am opting for the military/cheap look. It sucks being poor, I can't wait until the club reopens and then the season kicks in.

My second year anniversary is coming up for our other Mortimer's Cafe location on 28 January. I am thinking of doing a compendium of my favourite entries from over the years, or maybe the silliest. I haven't decided. Now that I have so much free time, I can sift through all that treacle and put something together for everyone to enjoy. Or ignore. Whatever.

Well, I would say it's time for dinner but, that ain't gonna happen. The cupboards are bare and I am in no mood to go hunting.
Just joking, I have been eating like a maniac. And what the hell am I going to hunt in Atlantic City?



  1. Awww, I wish I could have a blog anniversary but sadly they keep getting snatched before I can even get a couple of months under my belt! Have I missed something, new warning? My brain had been occupied for the past few days (see entry Go Sam!!) Loving the hair!

  2. Mort....no $5 box of color? I always keep one on hand for when I can't afford the salon, I woulda sent you my extra box...us blondes have to have options you know...I think you are a true blonde at heart...grow it back! waiting for a club reopening, a fishing season reopening....it sucks off season at the jersey shore don't it? wahhh, I hate being broke! my roots, my roots....now where is that damn box of color for my roots?! LOL nettie

  3. How about hunting the plentiful over weight middle aged shoobie wearing a polyester warm up suit that is 3 sizes too small? You'd only be thinning the heard!

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  4. hey thats why i dont watch the news, i dont wanna ever know about any security alert LOL
    just sound the alarm when its time to go underground and liza will go, but dont threaten it over and over false alarm after false alarm!
    i'll just look for smoke on the horizon, falling buildings or bombs dropping, and i'll run like hell