06 January 2006

More Subjects From A Scattered Mind

Well, I went to the gym. I will know tomorrow if it was a good idea. All day, my rib felt better but, right before it was time to go, it started to bother me. I couldn't do a lot of my routine because it just kept getting worse. It feels fine now but, I fear that tomorrow I will wake up in pain.

I chatted with Little Jose and he is willing to work on Saturdays when we reopen if they don't hire Johanna back. That's good, I would rather work with someone I know even though I would rather have a woman. It's just better for business to have male and female behind the bar.

I have gotten mixed reactions to my hair, of course. It doesn't matter since I can't afford the salon right now, it's the cheapest course of action. Now I don't have the salon fees and have to buy hair product.

Going to bed. There's nothing else to do.


  1. hope you aren't too sore after your work out at the gym. If so, next time before you go, take two Aleve or three ibuprofen and that might help.


  2. You are so darn good at keeping up with your workouts. I have good intentions...lol

  3. I thought you'd like to know that I got back into working out this week! I've done it every day since Monday. Hopefully I won't fall off the wagon any time soon. lol Hope you're feeling better! ~Colleen :)