08 January 2006

What Day Is This, Part II

I put a roast for beef stew with vegtables in the crock pot earlier today and let me tell you, the penthouse is smelling delicious! My constitutional down the boardwalk was quite nice. The weather was a perfect combination of chill and warmth. Just enough to let you know it's winter but, nice enough not to warrant a parka and battery-operated socks. I traveled my usual route and ended up right outside the club, where I bumped into Miss Tene. Don't worry, with all of her padding, I was unharmed. We chatted about the usual gossip concerning the club last night, and I got a further report from my other sources a short time ago. Go to my other Cafe location for all the juicy details! With all the uncertainty going on, like the rumour of a hit list, I have not been sleeping well. Tossing and turning and mulling over everything going on at the club. I would say that I have no fear of losing my job because I am very good at what I do. It's just that no job is safe and secure in these times and in this industry and with people betraying you at every turn, I am unsure of my standing anymore and I don't see anyway out of it. Just keeping hunkered down and doing the best job possible is not enough. And I just don't know what is. Everything happens for a reason and I have survived before it's just, I love working there and I don't want to lose that. Maybe the new position will bring better things, who knows. That is, if I get it.
Well, it's time for dinner, I can't wait. It's my first pot roast so I am eager to see how I did with my new found Betty Crocker skills.
Then it's off to the gym and then work.

Gods, it's weird being off on Saturdays.


  1. hey mort,

    I have to break out my crock pot and come home to a hot dinner for once! how did ur feast turn out? i bet it was yummy!!!!

    I was thinking of the shore on friday...saying to my coworker, i think i'll retire down there, we were discussing our alternatives LOL although i am quite some time away from retiring, thoughts of it are tempting me already...
    love the shore in winter
    havent been down yet this winter
    am thinking long and hard on it


  2. roast beef in the crockpot - my favorite :) With carrots and potatoes and a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine - yum!

    I hope you find what you are looking for in the job/career. Its so hard to know if you are making the right decision or not. Every single job I've ever had (which weren't that many because I did stay a while at each place I worked) I always thought I made a mistake after I started working there. Eventually I learned to like them.

    Now working at home is the perfect job; so blessed to be able to do so.

    again good luck!