31 January 2006

Sunday Workout. Work. Monday Workout.

I decided that I wanted to go to the gym before work (how unusual) so I arranged to work out at Little Jose's gym in his building. When I got there, he was clutching his abdomen, evidently he was being a monkey boy, as usual, and gashed himself jumping off of something in his apartment. It wasn't anything too bad but, by the look of it I could tell it was one of those cuts/scrapes that burn and hurt worse than they are. I ran through my routine, like I have said before, it's rather limited on the equipment there. I brought some WD-40 to grease up the rather old machinery and it made a great deal of difference. Before, we needed help to use the bench press area for even the lighter weight, just for the initial lift because the tracks it runs on are no longer lubricated. After I used the WD-40, I could bench almost the highest weight by myself. And I was by myself because the injured one went up to get ready for work. After I finished, I got ready and he, his cousin and I went to McDonald's. I didn't eat, although it's hard as hell not to have McDonald's French fries. I try to limit my fast food restaurant consumption to once a week. That stuff is toxic (see: Super Size Me) but, damn good. We went to work and I chatted (read: gossiped) with Miss Tene, who is still recovering from her nose/eye job and liposuction. She's doing fine, the swelling in her face went down and she is looking like her old self, only cat-eyed and with a button nose. And skinnier. Upstairs, we ended up being rather busy. I think we had some people in the club from a recent gay wedding ceremony (not that it's legal, thank you to all my straight friends for keeping the sanctity of marriage from me. That's a sincere "thank you". I read about your marriages, I am so glad that "option" is not on my horizon). On top of that, the drag performer of the evening, Claudia Dumont, brought a big group of people to cheer her on. She'll be performing once a month. I saw some people I hadn't seen in a while, Lauritza Dumont and her boytoy from New York and a few others. They didn't recognize me with my new look. The short hair, sideburns, goatee and body. I guess I have broken through a plateau because everyone was remarking on how I looked. It's nice to know that all of my efforts are beginning to pay off. Believe me, it is the hardest thing, going to the gym on a regular basis and having to eat so damn much (healthy crap, not the good stuff). The health benefits alone are worth it but, come on, I can't lie. I ain't doing it to be healthy, I wanna look good!
Why can't there be a pill. Ugh!
Anyway, we ended up touching money by the end of the night (if we can touch money in our tip box when we put it in the little slot, it usually means a very good night). Little Jose and his cousin were hungry, again, so we went to the
Chelsea Pub, one of my old hangouts from the late '80's when I used to work at the Tropicana. It hasn't changed a bit. Still a dirty ol' bar. They dropped me off and I passed out.

I must have caught up on my sleep debt of the last few days because I pretty much slept till dinner time. La Chunk decided to bake some chicken, one of those dinner bake boxed things. It was good. But then again, when your flatmate makes you dinner with love, it's always good. I sat and watched bad telly until Miss Patti got off of work. She, Dorian and I went to
Island Gym and we had a great workout. I am getting to the point where I am going to have to separate my routine. I do a whole body thing every time, which was recommended by a friend of mine to build myself up to this point, getting my whole body in good shape first. Now I am going to concentrate on different areas with each visit.

Oh my gods, who the hell am I and what the hell have I done with Mortimer!?!

O.K. Time for bed. Let's see what tomorrow brings...

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  1. glad you did get caught up with sleep. Bet today brings an awesome day!

    What is it with McDonald's fries? Aren't they the best?