17 January 2006

So Far...So Good. Just Wait.

Sunday found me in a pickle. I really wanted to go to the gym but, we had that little blizzard the evening before which nixed those plans for both Saturday and Sunday. I was chatting with Little Jose on IM and asked to use his gym, which he agreed and said he'd work out with me (he needs it more than I, snicker). He took a nap and I did some things around the penthouse, it's my new obsession. I get a text message from the putz (after telling him I can't afford to waste my minutes, I am on a budget) around seven saying that he just woke up and could we work out around nine. Fine, I think, and ring him (from my land line) leaving a message to that effect. I go visit my Father, who clutched his chest, looked up to the sky and told his mother he's coming up to see her (real funny) since this was my fifth visit in three months. He's a laugh riot! We sat and watched the game (don't ask) and talked. It's funny, I have gone there with every hair style and colour in the rainbow and, the shaved head didn't go over so well with him. Who woulda thunk! I go back home and got my stuff together figuring that since we are working out so close to when we had to be at the club to work, I'd just get ready at his place. I packed a bag of my club gear, got the huge bag of clothes that I was giving him, and trudged to his place in the snow and ice, looking for all the world like a homeless person.

He never answered the bloody door.

To say I was...umm...aggravated would be an understatement. I banged on his door and rang his piece of shit phone to no avail. His neighbors all heard me but, did he? NO! I left the bag of clothes and trudged back through the snow and ice back home, do my home workout, get ready and go to work.
He rang me from home to say he just got up, this was after we had already opened. It was time for the guilt trip, of course. I told him I was angry that I had to walk five miles, through the snow, wind in my face, UPHILL, with a heavy bag of clothes for him only to be let down because he didn't answer the door, then I had to walk five miles back home, barefoot, through the snow up to my waist, UPHILL, with a pack on my back.
Let's just say, I didn't work for the rest of the evening.
I love guilt. I should be a Jewish mother! Oy!

Miss Patti and I went to the gym last night. At this point, I didn't want to go. It had been a few days and I just hate doing that first day back but, I know that if I want a godbod, I have to go. So we went. I am glad I did. I gave the guy that works there some more CD's from the club, he practically has an orgasm every time I give him one. He immediately played the
Guido Osario CD which was great, it got me pumping in no time and I got a great workout in. I am a bit sore today, which I knew I would be since I hadn't been to the gym in a while but, it's all good. Now, I can't wait to go tonight. It's my other obsession.

I guess I'll get some more done around the penthouse. Tomorrow I have a funeral to go to and I get paid, thank the gods. I am sure I'll have some more gossip to tell. It seems every time I go to the office, there's something to chat about.

Miss Tene is back from Mexico. She had some work done so, I'll have to give the prognosis and the review of her latest round of surgeries as soon as I see her. And any gossip will, of course, be at our original location:
Mortimer's Cafe.


  1. Life does go on, doesn't it, despite everything else that happens. I'm just glad you are not my WASP/Jewish mother. Hang in, Margo

  2. excuse my sick humor, but when I read this and you said you had to tomorrow go to a funeral and get paid, it threw me for a minute until I realized you were talking of two separate events; funeral and then going to get your paycheck.


  3. I am so glad to read that you are going to get paid!

    Yeah, I'm with you, I would have been ready to kick Lil Jose's arse!

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