24 January 2006

Of Red Lights And A Red Car

What a strange day Miss Patti and I had! It seemed that we spent more time in her chariot (a little red Mitzubishi) then we did doing the things we wanted to do. Well, that she wanted to do. I was just along for the ride. I think the problem started when she got her bloodwork done at the hospital for her upcoming surgery. She wasn't exactly running on a full tank. She was actually very funny. We decided to go to the ShopRite. She needed some additional supplies since she will be unable to do much for quite a while. Of course, I kept seeing things that I wanted in the aisles while she was spinning in circles. Literally. She kept losing her mind and just stood there, looking off into space. It was hysterical. So, while she spun, I shopped! I am not one to shop at a supermarket, that's La Chunk's area of expertise. We ended up buying crap, because we were hungry. I got stuff that Chunk normally doesn't get for me. Stuff I eat and he doesn't, which is fine, he's the one going. Anyway, she showed me the self-check-out. A nifty little thing except, you have to scan EVERYTHING and when someone buys thirty cans of cat food (Patti!) it can get a bit...tedious! I bought a carload of stuff and off we went to her place to refridgerate the perishables. Then it was off to Staples for some printing materials. Then we went to eat at the Phoenix diner, and ran into one of my former barbacks who now works there. Fendi is from Asia Minor, one of the skinny countries that line the lower part of the continent. Gods know which one. He's very nice. It was so good to see him. Our food was diner food, good, filling but, nothing to write about here. Then it was back to her place for the perishables and off to my penthouse to digest a bit before going to the gym. The reason why I entitled this entry with "...Red Lights..." is because Miss Patti lives off the White Horse Pike and all of the places we went were on one side or the other of the highway so, we spent so much time waiting at lights to get across the damn road. It was getting rather...tedious. It's all good, though. I got a carload of groceries and made La Chunk wonder what the hell got into me!
I was talking to Dorian on the computer and convinced him to join the gym, that way I have a gym buddy when Miss Patti is convalescing. He did well, following my routine but, with much lighter weights. I don't say that as an insult, I wouldn't let him use anything too heavy. The worse thing you can do is to overdo it when you first start working out. We got a great workout in, except for Patti. We forgot that with her lack of blood, working out wouldn't really be the best idea. She kept getting dizzy so, she just watched us.

Now I am home, Delio and I made nice and I am going to get ready for bed.

I have to work tomorrow.



  1. Busy day. When is Miss Patti's surgery? She was possiblt spinning because of her surgery coming up. She may of had it on her mind. Iknow when I had surgery coming up I had so much on my mind that I looked spaced out sometimes.

  2. I like places with self check outs. Do you realize how many things we are allowing machines to do that people used to do? Like cashiers, at the post office the other day I saw you could mail packages yourself, you can get money from a machine, the list goes on and on and on....

    However, I doubt they could or would ever replace one who tends bar with a machine........

    enjoy the day!


  3. My children LOVE the self-checkout at WalMart. Well they did until we got busted for "underage scanning", anyway. I think its awesome - no lines and you can get through fast (unless you have a case of kitty food!!)

    Yay!! You have to work tomorrow!!

    When's Miss Patti's surgery? I feel so out of the loop - I didn't even know she was having surgery.
    Must be one of my blonder days.

    =) kris

  4. I'm exhausted just reading this! I don't know where you get your energy, but please...send me some of it!!!
    Love you!

  5. When I was 18, I was known to partake in certain natural, herbal recreational medications. When my roommate and I went to the grocery store.......god help. On the bright side, that period is when I learned to cook out of necessity.

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