27 January 2006

Nothing To Report, Yet.

I took another day off today. I laugh at that! As you all know, all I have is days off. I am seriously considering looking for another job. I really need something to tide me over since the club is probably not reopening until after St. Valentine's Day. This I found out last evening (Wednesday) at work. Hmm...work. Not really, it was more like, stand around and chat. It wasn't all that busy, thank you January, and Alana and I were jumping on every customer that came up the steps to wait on them and converse. I got a few good photos of the "festivities" but, I haven't downloaded them yet.
Work on the Studio is coming along, they stripped away some of the wall along the dance floor and unearthed some of the old wall covering, which immediately took me back to my youth when I first started going to the Studio at fifteen years old. What flashbacks! I had totally forgotten just how bad it looked back then, very tacky but, at the time, it was the height of fashion. Think Solid Gold. If I have to explain that reference to you, I will slap your young-as-hell ass! I am excited to see the finished product, I can't wait. We were discussing some of the changes and it sounds too cool for school! My GM has a fantastic idea, which I can't discuss yet, for (re)opening night. I think it is quite brilliant. When he gives me the go-ahead, I'll spill the beans in the Cafe, of course.
Today had been uneventful, all I did was eat and go to the gym. I guess that's something. We decided on the Northfield gym, just to mix up our workout routine and keep it fresh. I didn't really feel like exercising but, I did my sacrifice to the gods of pain and hope to be rewarded this summer when I work shirtless behind the bar.
That will not happen.
It's time for bed, I have so much to do tomorrow and I don't feel like doing a damn thing. I guess I should get that resume together and start pounding the pavement for a part-time job.
Good grief!


  1. exercise; it does a body good! Glad you went even when you didn't want to exercise. Good luck with putting your resume together and hitting the pavement in search of employment.


  2. Your entry sent me off on some Mortangents. What was Mr. Mortimer like as a 15 year old? Hmmm How old is he now? I was thinking he was maybe a few years younger than me (38) but never really thought about it. Barkeep...there's a chest hair in my drink.

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  3. sacrificing to the gods of pain!!! god i love that expression!!!
    shirtless in the club behind the bar??? oh my.....see what im missing ??? oh damnnnnnnnn im gonna sneak up on u someday and say hi
    if u still wanna know me by then LOL, i hope so sweetie