24 January 2006

The Week-End!

Friday Miss Patti picked me up and off we went to the movies. Underworld: Evolution was our choice. It had to be, I have had the screensaver and background on my computer for a month now. It picked up right where Underworld left off, it was one hell of a long night. Actually, now that I think about it, both movies combined only cover two nights. I have had weekends like this! The movie really upped the ante with special effects and I liked the plot line about the vampires becoming even more advanced (they have wings and are bent on world domination). There were some obvious moments, like when one of the lead characters dies. You just know they really didn't but, all in all, it was a great thrill ride, and the money shot at the end wasn't the helicopter crashing through the castle and chopping someone to bits (which was really cool), it was the shot of Scott Speedman, shirtless at the end. I howled like a werewolf! Yum! We decided to do a bit of shopping, she need a rug, so a stop at Value City was in order. We wandered the mall, with rug and some really cheap (forty cents) boxes of Christmas cards in hand, and wanted to eat, deciding on T.G.I. Friday's. Wrong. Everyone else in the world decided to eat there as well, the line spilled out to the parking lot. I then recommended the Rainforest Cafe which is in town at Trump Plaza on the boardwalk. Some of my customers that work there religiously come to the club on Sundays to see me. I am so glad we went. Ron and Meredith were thrilled to death to see me and we were taken care of quite nicely! We both shared the lava nachos, which was so big, it was a meal in and of itself. Then I had a salad before our main courses came. Miss Patti broke the cardinal rule of dining out and ordered the same damn thing I ordered. It was the chicken fried steak over delicious smashed red bliss potatoes and fresh chilled veggies on the side in a tasty light vinegar dressing. We were in heaven! The portions were HUGE! Patti couldn't finish her's but, I am eating for the gym so, I made a magic plate (what my family called it when you ate everything on the plate, it's magic, it disappeared!). If you've never been, let me tell you, the decor is like being in a jungle, with the requisite animals making noises. I could NEVER work there with a hangover. The gorillas would be yanked out of the wall and thrown on the boardwalk!
So, we said our good-byes and went to my penthouse to digest and get ready for the club. I was meeting Liza of
Liza's Life at Club Tru, I was so excited to get to meet yet another J-land journaler. She emailed me many times letting me know when she'd be down and how excited she was. This was going to be really cool
It never happened.

I put her and her sister on the guest list. I waited and waited and waited. Nothing.

So I went home. Bitch!

Saturday found me itching to work. Miss Patti and I did the gym, which was great, I am really liking how I look and the workout was just what I needed to get the jitters out. I was feeling a bit trepidatious working in the V.I.P. I had run the room a while ago (where my arch enemy was my barback and friend and I treated him so well. Now I regret every dollar I gave him, more on this in the original
Cafe) and was forced out by the previous management. I vowed never to walk up those steps again. But, I needed money and I love Lexi, who runs the room now. I caved. So what!
It was looking like I had made the wrong decision. The club was, in a word, DEAD! I went downstairs to see if I knew anyone, to let them know I was upstairs but, there wasn't a soul there. Well, not that many. Enough to make Tru look busy but, not all that busy. I had gotten there at eleven and it was now six in the morning. Then it happened. Starting around six-thirty, they started coming in and it never stopped! Bottles of champagne and Ketel One and Grey Goose were flying over the bar! I never stopped making drinks, going back and forth like a machine. It was great. Everyone was there and we worked our butts off. And the Mortimer Curse was in full effect, CLUB TRU CLOSED BEFORE WE DID! That's right, yet again I was the last person out of the club! No matter what bar I work at, or what position I am in, I am always the last person out of the club. Not that I am complaining, my wallet was very full and I was very, very happy.

Thank you Lexi and Chris for letting me work on Saturday. It has been so bad for me financially, that really helped a lot. Thank you so much!

Sunday came and I got ready for work, wearing one of my tightest T-shirts (hey, I'm greedy, tight shirts mean more tips) and flying out the door to the jitney, totally forgetting to ring Little Jose. We usually coordinate our trip to work to catch the same jitney bus. He arrived shortly after I did, asking if I was angry with him. I wasn't but, I did get peeved at him later. Ron and Meredith showed up, of course, and it got nice and busy for a bit but, it slowed down shortly after the open bar ended. I was miffed because here I was, still running around like a madman, waiting on people and he was just sitting there, talking to someone who wasn't even drinking. ForEVER! I am not going to work for his ass, and I told him so. And he had the nerve to back-talk me! I was not having it! I wanted to back-hand him! The rest of the night was spent with me being a jerk to him and him being smart to me. Not good.
After we were done, I was downstairs in the Rail and rang him to come down so we could share a taxi home. I apologized for my behaviour and made nice. I was being a bitch and I knew it. I was still exhausted from the evening before and I guess I took it out on him more than I should (although he did deserve some of it). Oh well. I haven't heard from him since so, I am not sure if the apology worked.

Monday was the usual coma day.

Liza, I am still waiting...


  1. lol "greedy Tshirt" I have a shirt like that...it makes "the girls" more appealing..lol I hate to do that, but it works everytime. So I take no offense when someone does not look me directly in the eyes..lol Oh the power. I am sooo sore from the gym...you make it sound so much....more. I am to go back Thursday. woohoo. lol

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    im a nasty bitchy bitch and i deserve this!!!!
    im sooooooooo sorry sweetie
    dont be a hopehater!!!!