27 January 2006

Dear Oprah,

Today I watched with bemused fascination your "apology" and raking over the coals of discredited author, Mr. James Frey, on your syndicated gab fest, Oprah. I just couldn't help but smirk at your accusation to Nan Talese, the editor of Doubleday Books taking her to task for not fact checking Mr. Frey's assertions in his book. Telling her, in effect, that she didn't ask the hard questions because so much of his book put up red flags. Now, on the one hand, if these red flags are going up now, in twenty-twenty hindsight, then it's hardly fair to reprimand Ms. Talese for not questioning the facts of his book. Hindsight is always clear and obvious but, it's not really reasonable to expect her to catch what no one else did at the time of the book's publishing and subsequent success. And if these "red flags" went up when you read the book, then why did you choose it for your show, or at least have your staff check the facts presented in the book?
Now, on the other hand, how dare you assert that Ms. Talese failed to ask the hard questions to Mr. Frey about his memoir when you are known throughout the journalistic world as the queen of the softball questions. You bring on celebrity guest after notable guest and pretty much stick to the script that their publicist gives you, never straying off the topic the guest wants to/is willing to discuss. It galls me to see you so hypocritically castigate these people about "lying" to you and embarrassing you but, Ms. Winfrey, in the name of ratings and making nice-nice, you lie to us, by omission, when you don't take opportunities with those guests that have more on their plate than their current movie/sitcom/decor project they are trying to promote.
So, don't sit there so sanctimonious, going on about how "he done me wrong" and singing the blues. You have dropped the ball numerous times over your twenty plus year career. Apologize for that, first, then deal with this.
By the way, how in the hell did you get him to come on your show? I kept imagining thugs just off camera, menacingly standing there making sure he sat quietly while you gave him a very public whipping. .


  1. Well said!!! I don't watch her much; I'm not sure why some people absolutely adore her; but I have to say she didn't handle this whole thing well. I'm not sure if it is going to come back and haunt her, but I do hope it helps her be a bit more prepared on the next book she raves about. I love to read, but she picks the weirdest picks at times.

  2. Wow.
    I agree, well said. We all lie, make mistakes, say the wrong things, whatever. Is it worth all the drama - or a whole show - about it? I think not.

    I'm a regular viewer, but didn't even bother to watch. I liked your perspective about the show and agree here too. She doesn't ask the questions, esp. when the celebrities (and most of them are) her friends.

  3. I think it is all a publicity thing.....sales of the book are still flying because of all this.

    If that is the case, how evil genius does that make Oprah.

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  4. hahahhaa
    u tell her mort!!!

    but really?? how did you think she got sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rich???

    she kissed alot of ASS

    that loser


    the only ass i kiss is urs darlin!!