28 January 2006

Just The Best Day!

Today was absolutly magnificent! I must say, starting with that spectacular sunrise, the day just got better and better. I decided that sitting in front of this computer was not the best option I had, even though I am dirt poor. I still have my health and my bodily functions so I got my tight white ass dressed and took a great constitutional down the famous Atlantic City boardwalk and through the city. I brought my camera along and took some great photos of the city, some shots that tourists don't normally get to see of some of my favourite buildings and a few pictures of The Walk, where a new Ruby Tuesday is about to open (on Tuesday, go figure). The boardwalk was packed, the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I haven't a clue how high the temperature climbed but, I had my motorcycle jacket open over a T-shirt and was actually getting a bit warm. This is a great town to people watch in and it was a good day for that particular sport.
I was so busy snapping pictures of The Walk, on my way to the Sheraton to see Chunkie, that I almost bumped into him, literally, on the street. We decided to walk down to Pacific Avenue to catch the jitney together and go home.
I was in a movie mood (I know La Chunk has already journaled about this) and decided to do a late fifties/early sixties double feature. I don't know what set that off but, we sat and watched some fabulous modern flicks that were compleat homages of their counterparts from the eras they covered. One very melodramatic (Far from Heaven) and one very light and fluffy (Down with Love). Like a good meal and great dessert. Then he cooked an actual dinner and we ate. I am contemplating the gym, what else is new, and maybe a stop out at the club. Guido is going to be there tonight and I just love him. Actually, this might be good, I am always working when he's there and now I can hang out with him for once. That's cool!

So, if you know of a job, let me know. I really need one. This is beginning to suck. Big time.

Time to get ready for the House Of Pain, a.k.a. Island Gym.


  1. Sounds like a splendid day indeed!
    Love you babe!

  2. so glad you spent the day outside instead of in front of the computer; seems like a great one :)


  3. Looking forward to seeing some of those photos you/ve been taking with your new camera.
    *** Coy ***

  4. Uh oh....I have been MIA from blogging (2 entries in 10 days and not commenting) so I am reading entries in reverse and I already hate to read on because I find you unemployed again.....damnit. Sorry dude. At least it sounds like you had a nice day.

    Would love to see some of the pictures.

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