10 January 2006

Cute Waiters And Great Food

As I stated in the original Cafe entry From A View To The View, Miss Patti and I went gallivanting today, as predicted. And what a beautiful day to do so. It's positively wonderful outside. If this is winter, I'll take it year round! First we went to pick up her monies for the work she does for the club, there was something going in the office, a meeting or something so, we decided to do our next scheduled event, which was picking up the tickets for Heart/Alice In Chains/Dave Navarro at Trump Taj Mahal. We had to laugh, both Patti and I have a certain...umm...affection for Dave Navarro and the cashier at the box office was overjoyed to tell us that he had just been added to the bill. Extolling his rather sexier "virtues", we all ended up giggling like school girls at the ticket window. Then, to insure we weren't in a time crunch, we went immediately to the Hard Rock Cafe where I was able to drink but, alas, Miss Patti had to settle for coffee since she had to work soon after lunch. Our waiter was right up my alley, short, dark hair and cute. I am beginning to think I have a fetish. Give me a northern Irish midget and I am good to go, lol (Dan Harris from ABC News would be a perfect pocket boyfriend for me). We both had burgers, they are rather famous for them. Patti's had bacon, cheddar, fried onions and barbecue sauce, mine had bleu cheese crumbles and was well done, I don't like my burgers mooing when I eat them. The horseradish dipping sauce was to die for and really cleared out my sinuses! We sat and chatted, looking at all the rock memorabilia. Afterwards, we decided we had a little extra time so we took a tour through Taj Mahal. We both worked there and she hadn't been back since leaving for the Borgata several years ago and I hadn't been by since early summer '04. It looks pretty much the same except for anything to do with our former department. The coin departments have been phased out from the casino industry (they use cash and coupons to redeem your winnings) and it was strange to see the old coin redemptions walled up or being used for other purposes. Talk about feeling like relics. It was kind of a reflection of my current job ills, I feel like I am being phased out and there's nothing I can do about it. She had to go to work so we stopped by the office and the check wasn't ready, of course (more on this in the AOL Cafe). She left and I did my stroll home down the boardwalk, soaking in the sun and surf. How strange to be saying that in January! I got home and promptly fell asleep. I guess the full belly and the fresh air worked their magic spell and took me to slumber land.
Tonight, I have another gym date. It's all I do now. Work out. Then it's off to the club to chat with my GM once more. It seems I am down to one day a week at work. I really need something more if I am going to stay afloat until Valentine's Day.

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  1. I agree - Dave Navarro is just so yummy!

    It's funny you posted this about your meal - I was just thinking you haven't written about your culinary experiences lately & I miss them. So thanks - those burgers sure sound tasty!