13 January 2006

Playing Catch-Up

I got called into work on Tuesday! Woohoo!
They had a hip-hop party scheduled for the evening, someone named The Jersey Devil was performing, he is supposed to have worked with Fifty Cent or something, I haven't a clue. They rang me up because they thought it was going to be very busy. I was working the side bar in Club Tru with another bartender but, it really wasn't getting all that busy. I asked the Asst. Manager if I could go, since it wouldn't be worth it having to share the little amount of tips we were getting and he said yes. I was waiting for my barpartner to take a quick break when a huge group of people started going up the stairs to the V.I.P. room. They came and got me and asked me to go up to help out, since there was only one bartender up there. It was quite busy upt there. Unfortunately, the club and the bar staff made no money. You see, our door staff didn't check the customers coming in (thankfully there were no guns. I guess the idiots at the door don't care if the club makes money or any of us get killed), and the customers came with their own alcohol. When we closed, I found out that the floor of the club was littered with bottles of liquor. Which explains why the liquor sales were not really that good and we as bartenders made no money. The party lasted until four in the morning and they were prompt in throwing everyone out. I went in to work on Wednesday. I wasn't on the schedule but, my GM told me I was working. When I asked if I was working on the side bar, he said no, you are on the main bar. That means I was replacing someone. Oops. He also told me it was my permanent shift, which came just in time, since I just found out that I lost my Babes shift. That's right, no more strippers for the near future. Damn! Alana and I had a ball working together, we've known each other for years, and I ended up breaking my cardinal rule and was in the Brass Rail until the gods know when. It was broad daylight and this vampire was without his sunglasses. When I finally got home, I passed out and slept right through until today. I am so mad, I missed the live
Will & Grace. I heard it was hysterical. And the west coast version (live as well) had a huge gaff when the prop guy missed his cue. Damn Alana for keeping me out so late! So, now it's Friday and I have off. My gods, a Friday and Saturday off! I don't know what to do with myself. I am so upset that I didn't get the job at the club that I wanted. It really would have have been a great opportunity for me. They decided to go with someone else (more on this later in the original Mortimer's Cafe). So, if you hear of a job, let me know. I need something, bad!


  1. sorry you didn't get that other job you were going for. I'm sure you will find something to do with your Friday and Saturday nights :)


  2. Damn...sucks about the strip club...ha ha Beavis....you said suck and strip club.

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  3. Nice pic. You were looking good. I hate people that sneak crap in, and still do not leave a tip. The bar will always be closed to those types in heaven...well I'm going out on a limb when I say they will probably be no bars in heaven..but you never no, if so..they will not be served. lol Will and Grace was awesome...they were cracking up during some of the scenes..the powder, lotion scene was awesome..and Jack was....JUST JACK. have a great weekend!