18 January 2006

Death. Food. Sleep. In That Order.

Well, the funeral was in a Catholic church with a mass. Just what I needed. Stand, sit, kneel, sit, stand, kneel! Oy vey! I kept saying to a friend of mine, let's go over to Beth Shalom and check out their funeral (there was one there as well), I'm getting awful tired of all this moving around!
Just everyone was there, Tootsie was very well known. I had a good time, even with the torrential downpour and winds, which is funny because, right now, it's beautiful outside. I have said it before, funerals are like being the guest of honor at the WORST PARTY EVER! I have been to so many, and lost so many friends, that being at a funeral is actually like a party for me. I see so many people I know and I like to honor the memory of my friend with laughter, not tears. Miss Patti, Chunkie and I were trying to make each other laugh. I am respectful of those that enjoy shrouding themselves in black and doing the whole "widow's walk" thing but, like I said, I will have a good time at your funeral. For gods sake, I had a great time when you were alive, why be all maudlin now?

A funny aside, the two altar "boys" were collectively 150 years old. Are the Catholics that worried about their priests that they have to have altar boys who need canes?

Afterward, we went to Brittany's Cafe for a little meal. I wanted to skip the official event, it wasn't at a venue I am comfortable in and wasn't where I'd always see Toots, belly up to the bar at the Brass Rail, playing the video machine and regaling me with tales of NYC and Taj Mahal. Miss Patti and I went to the mall for an errand and now I am home. As expected, I didn't get any sleep last night and now I am very tired. Even after a pot of coffee. Time for a nap and then later I'll mosey on over to the gym for a good pre-work workout!


  1. okay, I should have read ahead after I left my last comment. If I do a funeral, you can come to mine. I totally agree with your opinion of them. (and you had me laughing about the Catholic church and the altar boys; I was raised Catholic)


  2. I hope my funeral has laughter. I want good music, food, and cocktails. My family are big time christians, and they only sing with voices and no music...I have given Andy strict guidlines...my clothes better be nice, my friend Nikki can do my hair and makeup...and play something I like.I hope you get some sleep.