03 January 2006

Amateur Night (Edited)

That is what I call New Year's Eve. People who don't (or shouldn't) normally go out, do.

Now to begin, at the beginning. I was late for work, making my GM a little unhappy. First, I woke up with intense pain in my rib. Right where Little Jose bear hugged me a week ago and bruised and/or cracked my rib. It took me forever to get ready. Not the best way to start off the "new year". And it's not that I was really late, I was there before ten but, he wanted us there early for a preshift meeting. I got there exactly at ten. There was also an accident on
Pacific Avenue which blocked up the Jitneys, I don't think that he wholly accepted my legitimate excuse.

Then, I realized my bar backs must have also been late considering that my bar was not compleatly set up, yet. And, the one register was down, the one I prefer to use since it is right next to me. On top of that, I didn't get a chance to rearrange my bar to the way I like it before we got hit. And we got hit! They came streaming in like a tsumani and it never stopped. Never. During the photo in the last entry, whilst we were taking the picture people were screaming for cocktails. We ran around and around and around, making everything under the sun. But one thing I just can't understand, when a bar has open bar, do you really think we are giving away the expensive hooch? Honestly! These people were so demanding. Everyone wanted the good stuff, and thought I would provide it for them with a simple "come on dude, it's a holiday". Bite me. I think I said that all night.

All of this was a blur. I remember it suddenly being midnight and we did the usual celebrations/random kissing thing. I never had the free champagne, damn. My rib felt much better since I was feeling no pain by the time Little Jose came to break me (the shots the lovely patrons bought for me were a great help). And he did. And not in the way I needed to be...well...broken. He jumped over the bar, and proceeded to bear hug me AGAIN! Stupid child. I spent my entire break in a great deal of pain.

The rest of the night was, of course, a total blur.

We have a thing; if we feel money by five or six in the morning when we put money through the hole in the top of our tip box, it will be a good night. We felt money before midnight. KaChing!

Now, we were rolling right along, non stop when they shut the Club Tru side around 8:45am. We got double slammed with those revelers. I wanted to die. Suddenly, I hear something wrong with the music. It sounded like we were under water. Then the announcement comes over the sound system. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The party is moving over to Club Tru side.

Oh! My! God!

We had to shut down our registers, grab everything and dash over to Tru, re-open the registers there and begin working behind the bars over there. It was insane. But I will say one thing, we didn't miss a techno beat! The party raged on and on until one-thirty in the afternoon. Thankfully, mercifully, we shut down and began the long process of counting out and cleaning up.

As a celebratory thing at the end, I asked Dorian to cut open my coconut that I got from Ft. Lauderdale to drink. He hacked and cut and hacked at it. By the time he got it open, I didn't really want it anymore but, I felt bad that he expended so much effort for my expense, I had to drink the foul liquid that came out of it. Coy informed me that they used a cyanide based inoculation for the yellowing disease, obviously all the alcohol I consumed killed the poison, lol! Hell, nothing at that club has killed me in fifteen years of working there, a little cyanide ain't gonna make a bit of difference.

We VERY well paid our barbacks for a job VERY well done, rang the Brinks truck to come get us while we crammed the money from our drawers into the bank bags, turned them in and went home to pass the hell out.

Then, I had to get up and go to work on Sunday.

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