08 December 2005

Withholding Tax Minus The Number Seventy To The Tenth Power Gets You NOTHING!

It seems my luck has run it's course.

I went to get my
taxes done. I spent ninety dollars to an accountant to find out that I owe forty-three more to the government. Nice.

My 401K has yet to arrive. I did get more than my usual pittance in my paycheck this week so I guess that's something. We did have a mandatory staff meeting today but, it was canceled at the last minute. Literally. So, I guess that's something, too. They were only going to lambast us about the recent "secret shopper" report. Like I care.

Miss Patti pinched a nerve in her arm so, she was taking
Flexeril and that put her out of commission and Little Jose hurt his shoulder working out without me so he can't go to the gym, either.
So here I sat.
Doing nothing.
Wanting to work out.


Miss Patti and I did have a nice day, though, having lunch at the Galloway Diner and driving around the dirty back roads of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. I just love diners. And New Jersey is famous for them. We have more diners than mobsters, believe it or not.

It's time for bed. I have been on the go since morning on four hours sleep. Chunkie and I have a brunch date on the morrow, if it's not too bad out, weather wise.

I hope my sugar daddy comes in again on Friday. Mortimer needs some spending money for Florida!

I CANNOT believe I just wrote that.


  1. I'm still trying to learn about you. Do you work for a small salary and then rely mostly on tips? I cannot believe you have to PAY taxes, even if it is only forty-something dollars, it still sucks especially at this time of the year! You just have to have some children that's all. Can we say TAX DEDUCTIONS!? LOL! If it weren't for our 3, we would be in big, big trouble that's for sure! I love that you use "on the morrow" by the way. You use "whilst" and then I will be a goner! ;)
    Get some rest and have SWEET dreams tonight!

  2. Sugar daddy eh? Go Mort....I need one of those my sugar daddy is poor..but makes up for it on the grill, and the pool table, in the pool...lol Pine Barrens...is that jersey devil territory? Hope your day goes well.

  3. don't go down that road with taxes; not a good subject here - imagine being self-employed making a better than okay salary and having to pay mega-bucks quarterly plus mega-bucks at the end of the year. I like what Lisa said; get a few kids - great tax deductions!

    Since I want you to have a good time in Florida and if someone has the money in their pocket to tip well, I do hope "sugar daddy" comes in tonight. (I can't believe I said that :)

  4. Did Betty and Lisa just tell you to get a couple of kids because they make good tax deductions?

    Don't do it ... don't do it ... trust me, they cost much more than you could ever save. They are very costly even after they are to old to be a deduction.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Chunk on Tuesday. BTW ... it was 85 degrees here today and not a cloud in the sky. They are predicting a little cool weather early next week but ... nothing like the snow you're getting there.

    I Luv Mort
    *** Coy ***

  5. I took flexeril once when I threw out my back dancing. It knocked the hell out of me. Actually I was also taking Vicodin so maybe that knocked the hell out of me.

    Doing taxes is like having a GYN exam. It's never enjoyable and you get nothing in return for the money you had to spend.

    When are you going to Florida? And what part? Oh do tell me quickly... the weather has been so gorgeous here!:)

    Hope the sugah dad comes through for you.

  6. I hope Miss Patti is ok now. Damn I miss the Galloway Diner

  7. Taxes?! In December? You're making me nervous.