27 December 2005

Inertia, Part II

I have done nothing.

Oh, alright, I did update my address book from all the wonderful Christmas cards that J-land members among others sent to me. Thank you to everyone for the lovely sentiments. I wrote "thank you" notes for all the parties I was invited to and attended and all the gifts that I received during the season. I still have a few more to write, as I am writing this, I just remembered a few more people that I need to thank. I did three loads of laundry, Just Chunk gummed up the works, again, so I had to wait until after the holiday to do my laundry that has been waiting for over two weeks. Lovely. I also sent out my taxes from last year and cleaned a little.
I want to go to the gym but, Miss Patti has to attend an office party and Little Jose is at his new job, he's working at Evo, the restaurant I worked at last year. So, I am S.O.O.L. where working out is concerned. I just made dinner for Chunkie and I am waiting for him to awaken from his nappy-poo. Oh, the dinner rolls are done, gotta go!

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  1. Good Grief, I didn't do any of those noble things, but I would like a buttered roll, please.
    ~Mary @ frankandmary@aol.com