28 December 2005

No News Is Not Good News (R)

When I first saw the blurb about me losing my job for a month, I was, in a word, speechless. Chunkie came over from the living room to see what had me so upset. I rang everyone that would be affected, sounding the alarm, so to speak, and then I left a message with my manger to see if he could shed some light on this rather pertinent subject. I mean, I really didn't like the fact that I would be working the whole evening on New Year's Eve and then be told, "Hoy, cheers, thanks alot! See you in a month." He rang back and left a message on my mobile that if I wanted to talk, he would be at the club last night and we could talk.

After showering, I got to the club and he was doing liquor inventory so I had to wait to speak to him. I had previously arranged for Miss Patti to pick me up and take me to the gym (she had a staff Christmas party to attend at a bar in my neighborhood). By the time he was finished, Patti had arrived. He still had things to attend to so, I decided to go to the gym whilst he did his thing and then come back for a meeting. Miss Patti was insistent she was going to pick me up from the gym and take me back to the club, I had informed her of the upcoming closure so she wanted to have first hand information of my meeting with my manager.

I didn't ring Patti because, I just needed to clear my head before I sat down with my GM. Thankfully, I went to the gym and worked out really hard and walked the five miles to the club before the meeting. I was able to blow off a lot of steam and get my thoughts straight before dealing with this. I am glad I did because our meeting was rather serious. We started off by agreeing to take the gloves off and talk straight up about a few things. It got heated very quickly. Those who are regular readers of the Cafe know I have been very unhappy with my manager and it has been affecting my job performance. We dealt with a lot of issues before even addressing the closure. He has been very unhappy with me and with good reason, I am big enough to admit that I can be a prima donna and very judgemental. I can also be quite the "spoiled brat" and annoying and he gave me a much deserved dressing down about a few things. And I am very glad that we had this chat. It was needed. I am hoping it cleared a lot of air between us and things will change where our working relationship and our friendship is concerned.

As an aside, things are done between my former friend Phil and I. I learned something at the meeting that "broke the camel's back", as they say. I do not, and will not, suffer so-called friends such as that.

"Here's your knife from my back, Phil, it didn't go with my outfit."

To continue, I now know that Sundays are being moved over to Club Tru (using the Studio staff), so I will still have at least one shift a week to count on. They may split shifts or give us something else during the interim to compensate (although nothing will quite compensate the main bar on a Saturday night). The silver lining is, after the renovations are finished, we will have a whole new reason for patrons to come to the Studio Six. Something to look forward to. People will come out of the woodwork to see what we've done to the old girl!

And I will be there.

Waiting to serve.


  1. I love your attitude Mort,
    Kick them in the ass and come out smelling like a rose. We all need to have a reality check sometime..I think mine is getting close..lol someone pass the chocolate and a xtra salty margarita please. Have a great weekend. Happy New Year!

  2. I hate one on one meetings..been on both sides, Being the One and Being the Other.
    You handled everything so good..had to all the pre meeting physical venting. i should remember that...looks as if it pays off.
    Oh ..I am Tj~
    Nice to meet you.