23 December 2005

Holidays Or Mortimer Is Poor

I bloody hate the bloody holidays. Bloody Hell! This is sucking the life out of me. I live hand to mouth pretty much throughout the year but, it's generally "summertime, and the living is easy" during that time. The holidays are not easy. When your whole existence is predicated on the kindness of strangers (read: tips) you are S.O.O.L. when it comes to the season of giving. People are not really going to go out and hand their hard earned coins to you when Macy's and Walmart and the gods know what else are offering their wares for pennies and all I have is a good stiff drink for $9.00. I can only hope that all those Christmas coins come pouring out of those stockings after this hateful holiday and into my pockets.
My landlord is getting a bit over my protestations of poverty. I guess I would be, too.
Hey, it's not my fault they raised the rent.

I went to our annual Club Tru/Studio Six Christmas party on Wednesday. What a difference new owners make. We didn't have the pollyanna (which is good, I got the WORST GIFT EVER one year and I don't want to beat my own record) and it wasn't held at Mama Motts, the fabulous Italian restaurant that we always have it at. We did have it in the Oak Room (now called Tommy's Bar), the little bar attached to the hotel at the club and there was some foodstuffs put out and we got to drink the expensive hooch. And our new owner gave us all presents.

This is where I must remind you who my new owners are. I was trying to find a link but, I think the name of the company is reminder enough: The Red Barn Adult Book Store.

You can see in the picture above what I got for Christmas. I do like the nifty leather stocking! You can only imagine what I couldn't photograph. I have no idea what some of it is for. Chunkie was actually laughing at me. He finds it very funny that I am one of the most jaded persons he knows but, when it comes to sex, I am like a little girl, all squeamish and giggly and bashful! Well, I am. I admit it. When it comes to "that stuff" I am very...vanilla.

Today, I get to use La Chunk's credit line and go buy a present for Miss Tene. She is having her annual Christmas Eve bash at her abode down in the inlet. That's always fun, a hundred plus people crammed into an apartment having cocktails and just enjoying themselves. I can't wait. But what do you buy for the "girl" that has everything?

MAC Cosmetics, here I come!

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  1. Vanilla huh? LMAO

    Very nice gidt you have there Mort. I'm not Vanilla...anything in there that I might like?