08 December 2005

No Sleep.

I had a fitful sleep. My room was cold last night and no matter how many blankets I put on, I just couldn't seem to get warm enough to slumber straight through. And I just put the storm windows down yesterday so I could avoid that very problem. This is a drawback to living on the beach. The penthouse is rather old and drafty and with the raw winds coming off the ocean during the winter, our building is pretty much like a sieve. Now, when the winds change direction, and come in from the east, my room is a hotbox. I didn't even get to sleep until after four in the morning and it's now nine-thirty and I am up and at 'em! I guess it's time to get my winter clothing out of the attic. The snow and ice seem to be telling me that it's here to stay.

Yes, I know. The movie affected me. I had many dreams last night and they kept waking me up. Disjointed dreams. Nothing I can remember, just shards of visions that make no sense. But, then again, dreams never do.

Maybe it's just the endorphins from the gym. I did have to go right to bed not long after being at the gym so that may have played havoc on my sleep cycle. And I did have a great workout. Much better than Tuesday's. I still say that there is a stronger gravity well in Northfield than in Ventnor Heights. It's not the same weight, they are heavier out in Northfield. I swear!

Well, I had to go to bed right away and I got up to get some errands done that I have been putting off all week. ALL WEEK! I can't believe how lazy I have become. Well, not lazy, just anti-going-out-and-facing-the-world. I have put it off too long and now we have yet ANOTHER storm coming along to dump another two to four inches of that white powder all over my island.

Where's the Whitney Houston Snow Removal Machine when you need it?


  1. sorry you had such an unrestful night of slumber. Exercising within three hours of going to sleep is not recommended by physicians or experts in sleep maintenance.

    I think it is going to be a long cold winter and it hasn't even started yet.


  2. Awww, I know all about being cold AND not being able to sleep. That's why I take Benedryl every night, just so I can get about 5 hours of sleep with NO dreams! Mine keep me up and scare the heck out of me! Good for you going to the gym by the way! Do a few sets for me too will ya'? Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  3. I hate that feeling of being cold and not being able to get warm.