21 December 2005

For Sale, Florida!

I woke up with a wicked hangover. Of course. We decided that to-day, we are going shopping. If you know my flatmate, Just Chunk, you know he cannot go more than forty-eight hours without purchasing something from a retail establishment. He is what capitalism was made for.
We noshed with our friend Billy at this quaint little diner called...get this...oooh....wait...it's really good...the Peter Pan Diner! Can you believe it? It was so good. I mean, I am from New Jersey, the only thing we have more than mobsters, is diners. So I know of where I speak. The waitress staff was about 78% nicotine, 12% caffeine and the rest human, they knew the menu inside/out and were crusty and friendly all at the same time. The food was diner food, which is just what my hung condition needed. I loved it. The bus boys had T-shirts that said they were the Lost Boys and there were little Peter Pan knick-nacks all over the place. Not too much, just enough.
After our brunch, we left Billy and went on our way to a mall. Pick a mall. It doesn't matter.

We went to Burdines...oops, they're all Macy's now. Here's where it got a bit funny, La Chunk has never known his credit limit at this particular establishment.
Let's just say, when he let me listen to the automated response on the white courtesy help phone, I pulled the damn thing out of the wall!
We shopped!
And we shopped!
Gods, do I love credit!
I found a fabulous "soccer" jacket that said London on the front. The only one left was on the display dummy. They were normally $70, on sale for $24 which I thought was good. The kindly clerk came over and searched for the jacket, couldn't find it so, he dismantled the display, just for me!
And guess what, it was marked down even more, I got it for the low, low price of $15! Do I know how to shop or what?
Then we went to the movies. We saw King Kong! Boy, oh boy was this movie fantastic! It is absolutely perfect! What an adventure. It made the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park look like claymation! The acting is top notch, the action is really amazing, New York in the thirties, perfect! What a tour-de-force of movie making. Peter Jackson is a genius and this movie seals that title. I cried at the end. Even though you know what happens, the pathos is so real and so touching, you can't help but feel for the big ape.
Then we shopped. Again! This time Dillard's. I love this department store. It's old fashioned, more homey, unlike Macy's or Sear's or the uber-Marts. We didn't really get the bargins I hoped for but, we still shopped like fiends.
Did I say I love credit!
We then met up with Billy again and had dinner, outside, under his carport. It was so nice, to be sitting there in DECEMBER eating dinner outside in a bloody T-shirt looking at his Christmas light decorated version of Wisteria Lane. And it is. Let me tell you, all the neighbors came over to meet and greet. It was so damn funny. And gay. Very gay. It's like Gay Heaven!
I wanted a coconut so Billy marched over to his neighbor's home and picked one right off the tree. LOL! I am waiting for it to ripen to throw some rum in it and have a cocktail! You can't have citrus trees anymore, there was a blight and they can't risk the mass market crops. If you have one, they come over and chop the thing down and haul it away.
We were going to go out but, we decided to get an early day of it on Friday before we had to go back to the third world Miami Airport and go home.
Where I am now, freezing my tush off.

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  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous time in sunny FL!! I just love how you tell stories, I find myself so enthralled in them! lol Glad you're back safe and sound. Sorry you're freezing though, I am too. lol