27 December 2005

Much Ado

I passed out on the couch last evening, whilst watching The Phantom of the Opera. It's not that the movie put me to sleep, believe me, I woke up as soon as I heard "Music Of The Night" and swooned all over again for the Phantom. Gerard Butler can whisk me away to his underground lair beneath an opera house any day he wants to! How about now? But, I digress. La Chunk put the movie on early, since there wasn't a damn thing on (except the last Monday Night Football. Hmm...and I opted for a movie version of a Broadway play, go figure). We also watched the biography of Angie Dickinson. She's what they used to call a "broad". And I mean that in the best sense. She's bawdy and sexy and one of the boys but, definitely all woman! Now, why am I telling you all about my viewing habits of last night? What meaning does any of this have to the diary entry you are reading?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

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