06 December 2005


It's been a slow day here in the Cafe. I've gotten nothing accomplished. Except the dishes and catching up on my sleep and the journals. I was going to go out and take pictures of the snow. I was going to switch out my seasonal clothes. I was going to get a life.


I have a confession. I haven't yet been to any non-J-land journals. Maybe one. Maybe. I just miss all of the alerts from the AOL journals and by now, I know they have written a novel or two in the short time I haven't been by and I am fearing having to spend all of my time reading up on my friends lives. Maybe I'll pick one a day. Or two, if they weren't so prolific.

There's some good television on tonight. I guess I'll get cracking on dinner and then settle down to Charlie Brown.

Then it's off to the gym.


  1. It is hard to keep track of them now that they are out of AOL. I just put them in my favorites and get to them when I can.


  2. It is intimidating...knowing there are so many out there with so much to say. I'm using changenotes.com which send me one email a day listing all the updated journals that I have specified. It's easy to set up.

    Good luck!