07 December 2005

I Need A Hobby.

Hmm...our computer is running slow again. My flatmate just got back from Las Vegas. He had been there to witness a commitment ceremony of a friend of ours. It sounded very nice. Our friend and his betrothed went to Vermont to make it legal (whatever that means in this day and age) and then had the big to-do in Vegas where our friend lives. It was just another excuse for Super Chunk to go to The Meadows (what Las Vegas means in English). I think he's getting the bug to move out there again. It would suck. I love him so, he's become one of my closest friends and I don't know how I would deal with him leaving this coast.

Speaking of bugs, he is the reason our computer is running slowly. It has been fine the entire time he was away and now after he's been back and playing on the computer, we have adware. I ran a McAfee scan to no avail. Now I am doing an AOL Spyware scan. Hopefully, I will be able to smoke out the offending pop-ups and get them out of my computer. Again!

I went to the gym with Miss Patti last evening. We were discussing our financial states. We are both poor. It's not destitute poor, just no-cash-on-hand poor. Hopefully I will be able to rectify the situation through my errands today. I am going to Florida on Monday and will need money for my usual shopping sprees. I have to see about that 401K I had forgotten about and my taxes from last year that I never did. Hopefully, I can get the money upfront, for a small fee of course. I don't even know why I didn't do my taxes. I think it's because most of my important mail goes to my Father's home, I didn't even think about it. Out of sight, out of mind. Plus, I get paid to-day. That will be another twenty bucks to line my wallet.

I think I have SAD. Or something. I have been so listless recently. All I want to do is sleep. Then I get in a manic mode and want to do everything but, get absolutely nothing accomplished.

I do have to mail one of those little cards that you get in your purchases. I always put one of Chunkie's many drag names down and list his birthday somewhere near God's. Then I check his interests as Bible study, grandchildren, gardening, quilting circles, AARP, RVing and guns and ammo. You should see the crap that comes to our house.

I love shenanigans!


  1. lol shenanigans huh? I love to mess with my hubby. He is soooo uptight sometimes..so I have to find new and creative ways to torture him. He likes it.

  2. Hi Mort. I'm hoping that your trip to Florida will cheer you up and re-energize ya.

    Be careful while you're gone!

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  3. A little Florida sunshine should help with the SAD. Warm, natural light is sounding pretty good about now!

  4. I know I have SAD. I get this bad every year.
    I usually fill my time in the winter with crocheting, but I'll be damned if I don't even have money for yarn this year.
    Oh well.
    Love you babe!

  5. I get SAD every year, but it's usually when I've just about had it with winter, and I'm wishing for warmer days! I'm too busy this time of year to be sad! I hope you have a wonderful trip in FL! Actually, it does make me SAD that you'll be in a much warmer place! LOL
    ~Colleen :)

  6. Hi Mort - enjoy your trip. Maybe I'll run into you on one of your shopping sprees while you're here. Happy Shopping!

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