01 February 2006


The day is turning out to be glorious, yet again! I can not believe it's the first of February and I wandered along the ocean on the boardwalk with my jacket open and just letting the sun beat down through the clouds on me. I took some shots of the city again, which I will post later. I caught up on a few doings at the club, they are replacing the airconditioning equipment down in the Brass Rail, I can only imagine what it looked like when they took out the old one and progress is being made upstairs in the Studio Six. I can't wait! I'll get to see the Studio better tonight when I go into work. I bumped into a few friends on the boards, which is always nice. The construction is going like gangbusters on THE PIER at Caesars. It's going to be quite the shopping and clubbing experience. I can't wait. I hope they can get it done on schedule, it will really bring a new vitality to the resort. And for those that remember, Planet Hollywood is shut. They tore down the gladiator holding up the revolving planet that was a mainstay for many years. My Mother, Aunt, Nan and I went there once, many years ago, right after I had been outed by the Philadelphia Inquirer. So, it will always have a "special" meaning for me. Speaking of my Mother, I just got off the phone with her. Her pet cat, Homey, of fifteen years died last Friday. My thoughts are with you, Mom.
I think I will take a nap before I have to get ready for work. I am so not used to working, I'll need to rest up before I having to sling drinks. If you are in the neighborhood, it's fifty cent drinks from 10:00p-2:00a (
Club Tru & Studio Six for all the info for the week)!

I think they put me on Wednesday nights because the customers need to get really drunk if they are going to have to look at me!

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