22 February 2006

Playing Catch-Up

It's been an interesting weekend.

Friday, I went in to work as a door cashier. Beforehand, I got a nice workout in at Little Jose's gym (he was at Evo) and I decided to wear my old staff shirt. Let's just say that it looked a lot different on me since my days as a barback. Some asked if I had a smaller size on. That was nice. Working the door is boring but, I was glad the schedule was adjusted and I enjoyed working with the bouncers that were there. As a barback, I was able to wander around a lot and as a bartender, where the money compensates, I have to stay in one area but, at least I am kept occupied. On the door, it's a bit of a drag, no one wants to hang out at the front door, that's not what you to into a club for so, I was bored for most of the time. I am like a shark, I like to keep moving or I'll die of boredom. Torwards the end of the shift, I was wondering when I was going to be sent on my way, usually the door whore goes home around an hour or so before closing time. Of course, the Mortimer curse was in full effect and I was there until the bitter end. No matter. The shift pay more than made up for it and I dashed home, quite happy, around eight in the morning.

Saturday came and I was very excited, it was the President's Day holiday weekend, usually our third largest night of the year. I got ready (all in black, as per our GM's commandment but, which I usually wear on weekends anyway) and got there early. Well, early for me. Of course, no one else was there and I was the only bartender for a bit. No matter. We never got busy enough during the evening to warrant my excitement of raking in a bundle on the holiday weekend. We did well just not fabulous. I am now thinking that a whole lot of our regulars are awaiting next weekend, which unlike the holiday, is a MAJOR event in Studio Six history. They have been deprived of their second home for nearly two months so, the reopening should prove to bring out the masses in droves. Like nightclub moths to the eternal Studio flame. Eddie Baez performed, and was fabulous. He's quite popular among the club cognoscenti and I was very impressed that we got such a stellar performer. There was also a singer, who's name escapes me right now and Brittany Lynn, a drag queen from the Philadelphia area, who performed as well. We stayed open until quite late, I believe we closed almost at noon, and I went home and passed out. I did have some of my usual Saturday night friends show up, no one recognized me with the goatee and short hair. Funny.

Sunday came and Little Jose and I got a workout in before work and then Miss Patti drove us to the club, she had made some more passes for the staff to give out during our promotional outings. I had on my suede jacket, white T-shirt, blue plaid cowboy shirt and a cowboy hat. Very "Brokeback", if I do say so myself. Most especially with my goatee and horse...ah...nevermind. We had a good night, early, for the open bar part but, the crowd petered out faster than usual and we just ended up standing around talking. Claudia, one of the performers at the club, and I chatted about the gym and how it's odd that the drag queens are getting all buff and manly and the straight guys are waxing their eyebrows and being all fashion conscious. Go figure. We closed and had a pow-wow about the upcoming opening and show on Friday.

Monday, like God, I rested.

Tuesday came and Miss Patti was itching to get out of her hobbit home so we went out and about. Thrift shopping, attempting to do our Pot-Luck Movie, it didn't work. The highlight was sitting at the diner and watching Patti order all this food and take two infinitesimal bites and declare herself full. I roared! The staff thought there was something wrong with the food. I now have another compleat dinner for tonight. She and I decided to watch a Star Wars I, II, III marathon at my penthouse and then Dorian came over and he and I went to the gym. I did NOT want to go. I was sleepy and cranky but, I did twenty minutes of cardio and it woke my ass up and I worked out like a madman. Claudia came in around 2:30am, and we chatted. Dorian and I finished up our routine and I got home around 3:15am.

I slept all day, it's been overcast and chilly so I just decided to hibernate. I am about to get ready for a quick workout and then get ready for our fifty cent night. Alana and I were supposed to wear something coordinated but, I forget the theme.

See you at the function! It's my last bloody night at Club Tru! Brilliant!


  1. I hope you remember the theme with you and Alana before you have to work tonight. You could clash with your outfits instead of be coordinated. Is Miss Patti supposed to be driving already??


  2. You sound busy again ... that's gotta be a good thing.

    Sounds like Miss Patti's recovery process is moving right along, wow driving and junk store shopping already :) (I love thrift stores.)

    So jealous of the late night work outs, wish my gym was open past 11pm weekdays and 8pm weekends.

    *** Coy ***

  3. Glad to hear Miss Patti is up and about! She must be doing really well! :)

  4. I am getting buff and not waxing my eyebrows....does that mean I'm stylish? No, I am just so far behind on the fashion cycle that I am just "back in style" ha ha.

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  5. yea! for Miss Patti and sounds like you will be getting alot of extra meals out of the deal!