05 February 2006

Blogger Complaints

I saw the powerful movie, Brokeback Mountain yesterday and wrote about it here:
Saturday Saturnine, exclusively at our other Cafe.

Blogger lost an entry of mine yesterday morning, which I didn't realize until today. I had written about a few things first thing in the morning, as I am doing now, and published it and went on my way. I just noticed that the entry does not exist, not even as a "draft". Curious. I think the AOL Overlords must have infiltrated the outlying blogs and are playing reindeer games with us.
Some more Blogger complaints, I can't seem to get the "formatting" to turn off all the time, causing my entries here to run on without a new paragraph, which drives me mad. And, I set up the
FeedBlitz. Now, the button is missing from this Cafe for everyone to use to get email notification but, I get notices telling me that my journal has been updated. What's up with that? On the AOL front (I just tried to start a new paragraph and it wouldn't let me, grrr) I downloaded the Security Edition and I am loving it. It is WAY faster (and my computer was already quite fast) and the new features, such as instant spell check (much like Microsoft Word) in the emails are welcome additions.

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  1. at our 'other' cafe makes it sound so exclusive that I am currently searching for my heels & beaded purse mary