03 February 2006

Still Bitching!

I haven't left the penthouse yet. I am in a foul mood. Everything went to pot right after Miss Patti rang me about her hair appointment. It seems my hairdresser, Margarita, caught the flu so she had to cancel. Not that she rang me up to let me know. Then the whole AOL/landlord/flatmate thing [see:
Livid (Bitch Fest Ahead, Enter At Your Own Risk)!] got to me. Now that I have delt with that crap (more or less), it's too damn late to go anywhere, which is just as well, since I don't think I'd be great company.
I have been thinking, I need either a hobby, a pet, or a boyfriend. I can't do a pet because I don't have the schedule for a dog and La Chunk is allergic to cats. I can't do the hobby thing because that costs money and I ain't got squat. So, any idea where I can find a mate, mate?


  1. eharmony.com? Adult Friend Finder? wait....I know....AOL Love Match?

    I guess I just am making things worse.....but I tagged you for your tunes:)

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  2. You could do volunteer work (I'm serious)