17 February 2006

This And That And This

I wandered to Art of Flowers, my new favourite job and picked up my pay envelope. Things are looking up on the financial scene, thank the gods. With this, my upcoming checks, working this holiday weekend and the opening of the Studio Six next weekend, I am just giddy with expectancy! What to buy! What bills to pay! What to buy! I canNOT wait!

I forgot to mention, my dearest friend
Rita is coming home in April. I miss her so much and I am just champing at the bit to see her boobies! She's in the Philippines becoming a doctor. I was chatting with her the other day, and Gary (a friend and former co-worker who's becoming an optometrist) and they totally lost me with their conversation. I have to remember not to do a chat room with the both of them. It was as if I wasn't there, and you know I DON'T like to be ignored. Ever! I can fake a lot of conversations where I am limited on the knowledge front but, medicine is one place where I am complealty at a loss. RITA, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

I emailed Little Jose to work out. I get an email back saying he already did his workout today.Did he ring me up to see if I wanted to work out? No! Bloody bastard. We are going to work out anyway, after he finally rang me, I gave him a ration of shit and we decided to work out before working tonight. I am on the door, thankfully a certain someone is no longer on the schedule, I would have called out sick.

I am doing dinner, alone. The flatmates have gone to work and I am here by myself. Boohoohoo! Well, at least I only have to clean a few dishes.

Sorry I haven't written in this Cafe for a bit. I have been gossiping in our other Cafe. It's exclusive but, worth it!

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  1. Glad to hear your financial woes are clearing up. What a stressful few months you have had...

    I can imagine how you felt being left out of their conversation. I don't know Rita, but I want to see her boobies too! LOL

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