03 February 2006

From Then 'Til Now (R)

Wednesday and work came and guess what? I got a workout in. What else is new. Evidently, our barback had a family emergency and couldn't come in so, luckily (luckily?) I was there early enough to do the job. To those of you not in the bar/service industry, being a barback is a very hard job. It requires a whole lot of heavy lifting, cases of beer and water and liquor bottles and huge buckets of ice and it also requires running up and down a lot of steps, especially at our place. It's all stairways and hallways, it's like a labyrinth back-of-the-house. So, I got a good workout in, on top of the five mile walk I took eariler in the day. The previous shift failed to stock the bar so, I got to do it! Yeah. Remember, this was supposed to be my day off of exercising? Anyway, I was actually very happy by the end of the evening to have something to do because, it was painfully slow. So slow, my GM actually apologized for it. Not that it was his fault, it's winter in a tourist town, I have been working there since the earth cooled so I know it's gonna be slow. And, since it was so slow, being the barback means we didn't have to tip out. I decided to rearrange the beer coolers and liquour. Alana and I started our little costume idea. We decided to wear coordinated outfits each week, based on a random theme. Last Wednesday was "military" and we both had fatigues on. This coming week it's "white-hot" and we're going to wear white. It's silly but, in the bar industry, silly goes a long way and makes the place fun. The customers noticed we were dressed alike already and maybe it will become a fun little trend. Who knows. She wanted me to stay but, I wasn't feeling too much like partying. It's just not in my budget considering my budget was way off because it was so slow.
I am supposed to start my shows up again but, I am rethinking my decision. I could definitely use the money but, having to dress in a dress again just doesn't appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, aside from prostitution, you can make a good deal of money wearing a pair of heels, and I do but, I just don't want to have to go down that road right now. Who knows? I have a bit of time before I have to decide.
To-day we're supposed to have near record temperatures, over 60F. Woohoo! I am going to take a walk, again, and hit the gym. Because of the mini workout on Wednesday, I took off of the gym yesterday. To-day is different. I can't wait to hit the gym tonight!
I'll be back. (Author's Note: This entry appears in our original
Cafe. It has been edited to keep things from my Mother, LOL!)

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  1. With your work out enhanced body, I just can't picture you in drag. Isn't that a good thing?

    Oh wait....you could be Vera Demilo from the old In Living Color skit!

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