23 February 2006

I Won't Be Seeing You In September

There has been some rather disturbing events here in South Jersey, all surrounding the benefits and their recipients. And I, for one, am not having it anymore. I have written many times before about my devotion to raising money to combat HIV/AIDS. This disease has devastated my life. I have cried an ocean over the people I have lost to this horrible illness. My heart will be forever broken because of this disease. Because of that, I have devoted myself to raising money for our local A.I.D.S. charity, the South Jersey AIDS Alliance(SJAA). I have almost put myself into the grave entertaining people in order to raise money for this noble cause, pushing myself, and quite willingly, because so many people are too sick and too weak to help themselves. How dare I say, "I'm too tired to get on stage" or "I just don't feel like it today". There are people who can't take a day off of living and dying with HIV/AIDS, and I'll be damned if I am going to let them down when I still have breath in my body.

But recent events have soured me on all of it. I cannot take this anymore. I have done all I can and I am so tired of feeling like every fucking thing that I have done is considered worthless. That my efforts have less value because of my limited resources or capabilities. That the millions I have helped raise were very welcome but, they can do better without me. I can go on and on about how angry I am over the cancellation of our annual
Miss'd America Pageant this past January, which I still feel was a huge mistake. Compounded by the fact that the organizers of said pageant couldn't behoove themselves to notify the grunts in the trenches that it was being pushed to September until I pushed the issue and finally got an answer from them. This was AFTER we had already bought fabric for gowns and costumes, started rehearsals for our performances, hired dancers, cleared our schedules, etc. Although the official reason was given that they are concentrating on a big event in February (the upcoming Broadway On The Bay) and they wanted to do something big in the former and traditional Miss America pageant month of September. The unofficial and unconfirmed reason (and I suspect the real one) is that the owner of the Miss'd needs time to open the little club he's installing in his new building so he can hold the official after-party and reap some financial benefits for himself.

Then there was the bejeweled slap-in-the-face when I heard that the reason we weren't invited to perform in Broadway On The Bay was because they weren't sure how the "drag" act will go over. Even though we brought the house down when we performed at the last Broadway show. Even though the hosts of the production are doing a comedy drag number THIS YEAR. We were invited to buy one of the $75 or $125 dollar tickets to watch the show from the audience.

How mighty white of them.

That brings up our Red Ribbon Bingo. Does anyone have a clue when, where, or if it's ever going to be done again? I know I haven't a clue. My repeated emails to the SJAA have gone unanswered. How the hell can they just ignore an attempt to raise some serious money for them?

This has all left a very bad taste in my mouth. A considerable feat since I have been known to put some rather nasty things down my throat (yes, I went there). So, Chunkie Marinara and I have an idea. Since Miss America thought Las Vegas was so nice, we think so to. I have already begun to organize a little vacation, and end-of-summer soiree for all the past Miss'd Americas who have done so much for the SJAA and the Miss'd Pageant owners.


That's right. Come September, all of us will be on a jet plane for The Meadows (Las Vegas in English). Every last one. Including some of our biggest supporters (Becky, this means you. Patti, this means you). I have had enough. It's petty. It's juvenile. It's mean-spirited. And it's brilliant.

It's not like they have needed any of us recently, anyway.


  1. Oh honey...what a load of crap!!!
    I'm glad your going to Vegas! That will do you a world of good!
    Love you sugar!

  2. their loss is Las Vegas' gain. They will come to their senses and then it will be too late. You are a good person for devoting so much time and effort to such a worthy cause. I admire you for that.

    I hope it goes well in Las Vegas and the plans for what you want to do come together.

  3. I feel bad that SJAA has shown you such a lack of respect and common courtesy over this mess. Sometimes non-profit organizations can be whacked in their collective heads.

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  4. Is it possible that Bush politics is even affecting "drag" acts?


    I'm really sorry you're going through this Mort, after how devoted you've been.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the shabby treatment you've been getting. I'm not without my own experiences in the world of Fund Raising Events and Non-Profit Organizations.

    I went through similar situations occasionally and they hurt. Of course they do because your heart is so much in the spirit and the "organizers" have a different picture.

    I try to remember why I got involved to begin with. Certainly not for the expenses and egos and politics. Its the cause that matters and the desire to help. Nonetheless I have felt the desire to see wigs slip, gowns melt, maybe a broken heel or a messy sauced up performance, just by the one that snubbed me.

    I'm not clued in to the workings of your events but I have in the past volunteered to be a door person, a bartender, a go-fer, a set up and break down person or whatever might offset the cost of a ticket so that I could participate. It was amazing who and how many came up and asked why I wasn't performing, or on the dias or running for something. A truly guilty pleasure. But there you have it.

    Isn't the social scene a bitch sometimes?

    You figure out how to go girl~!