07 February 2006

Miss Poo Update And More.

I saw Miss Patti at hospital yesterday and she is doing fine. She was still groggy with the knock-out drugs and her left side hurt like hell but, she had a morphine button so, it's all good! I came home and cried like a bitch, I guess the stress of having her in hospital under the knife was a bit too much for me. I love my friends so much, and to have one of them in danger, and surgery is dangerous, makes me mad (in the crazy sense, not angry). I have known Miss Patti since 1984. She's my bestest buddy. I was so relieved to see her, I just wanted to hug the hell out of her but, she would have killed me. I hated seeing her all hooked up to the machines but, the staff was really nice and very professional, I felt great comfort that she will be well cared for. I will go to see her this afternoon since she has tests in the morning.

I just saw, on the internet again, that the official opening of the Studio Six is 25 Feb. I am so glad I have the internet to tell me when I am going to work again! It's funny, we have always joked that working there means we are the last to know anything. And now, with new management and owners you'd think things might have changed but, you'd be wrong. Actually, I am lying, I did know that we were reopening that week just not that it was being announced yet. FINALLY I will be making some money again. It's been getting tighter and tighter. I have no clue how I am going to make it until the end of the month. I have been robbing Peter to pay Paul but, they are on to me now so, I have to just hole up until the twenty-fifth. If it wasn't for the kindness of my friends, I would be a total hermit, and starving. I have already informed my landlord that rent will not be forthcoming until much later. He'll just have to get used to it. This not-being-able-to-start-a-new-paragraph thing is getting on my nerves. Evidently on Blogger, you are only allowed one paragraph. Just one subject to an entry, please! Home Depot is on their way, we are getting new carpets, as I have previously discussed. Evidently, they can only do one flat at a time because their computer thingy that they use for the dimensions of each room can only store one place at a time. So, I am up and awaiting their arrival. Then, I get to wait for the (probably) hideous new carpet to be installed. Our landlord, we have heard through the building gossip mill, expects us to tear the old carpet up since he doesn't want to pay for removal. I laugh at that. If I am taking the new carpet with me when I move, then I will aid in replacing what's here now. Otherwise...pony up the loot, Mr. Landlord, this bitch ain't lifting a damn manicured hand.

Where are my bon-bons?


  1. maybe if you tear up the old carpet you can take it off your rent??!!

    I hadn't realized you and Miss Patti had been pals for so long...ya for a morpheine pump when ya need one...hope she's feeling better soon


  2. The paragraph issue is with AOL's browser. It makes the "enter" key not work. Try opening blogger in your MS Internet Explorer and using it that way. It should work fine.

    Glad to hear that you will be working again soon and having money.

    Tell Ms Patti that we are all thinking of her!

    My Most Recent Entry 2/06/06

  3. glad to hear Miss Patti is doing as well as expected following her surgery


  4. I'm glad Miss Patti is doing well! She'll keep getting stronger every day! :) As for the Blogger problem, I used to have the same thing, no paragraphs. Hit Ctrl Enter for a new paragraph, it should work! :)