24 February 2006

The Plot Thickens

It seems things have gotten out of hand, as is usual with the artistic/creative temperments we all have. The recent brouhaha that is going on over this "Broadway On The Bay" show has gone from stirring the pot to boiling it over. Methinks the powers that be are now wondering if they made the right decisions, and so am I (concerning my recent decisions), quite frankly. I was really taken aback by not being invited to perform in this year's event, after our last triumphant outing at Resorts in "Broadway On The Boardwalk", I thought we'd be a shoo-in. To not only not be asked to perform and then offered to BUY tickets really made my blood boil. Please understand, if I had a million dollars right now, I would give it all to the SJAA. I wish I had the money to donate. I just can't. I have only just begun to dig out of the financial hole that the remodeling of the Studio Six has put me in. It was a deep and dark and I am only just beginning to see some light at the end of all of this. I can barely afford the two bucks for the jitney to get to the Borgata (where the event is being held), let alone to shell out $75 or more for a ticket to this event. And yes, I was really miffed that my talents were not needed. That's my donation; my name and my performance might not make me money but, it brings in a whole lot of money to the causes I find dear to my heart. No one wants to feel powerless, to feel useless, when it comes to something they feel so strongly about. And that's exactly what happened.

Now, I have gotten a copy of the email trails that have been flying back and forth between all the interested parties. As an aside, this is not of my doing (and I am damn jealous that it's not). Chunkie, of all people, really got the ball rolling over all of this, and rightly so. I admit, I am usually the one to fly off the handle and get everyone in an uproar but, except for just a few conversations with a few past Miss'd Americas, I have not said a word to the SJAA or the producers of the event. The President of the SJAA has now invited all of us, every last one, to the event, gratis, and the after event at the nightclub in the Borgata. It's a very nice gesture. And I am tempted to go, now. It's the second time we have been offered tickets, the head of several local business associations has already offered to buy Chunkie and I tickets to make sure we are there. It's just that we are not trying to get free tickets. I would pay if I could. It's just that whenever there is an event where we are not the featured players, we are not only not invited, we are not even given a second thought. To go now will have the appearance that we were just bitching to get in free.

I don't know. I sit back and read the emails and just marvel at how upset everyone is, now. I believe they are getting the idea that their little cash cows, the Miss'd Americas, are here all year, not just in September. And they realize that come September, the bill is going to be due for all the time, effort, money and heart that we pour into our pageant.

And this time, we may just skip out on the check.


  1. Attend the event only if you think it will help raise more money for the cause. But if you do decide to go, then when you are there take the high road and be honorable in what you say to those that treated you less than kindly. Just my opinion


  2. I don't think you were wrong for feeling the way you did. The question you have to answer for yourself is whether you feel that they are being earnest in their offer or just covering their asses.

    Remember the trail to action:
    See>tell yourself a story>feel>act

    Is it possible that there could have been other reasons for their boorish behavior that were not personal against you or disrespectful? Maybe, maybe not.

    In either case, Vegas or Miss'd America, you'll have a blast come September.

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  3. Can you elaborate more on the Miss'd American pageant? I'm kind of clueless!

  4. Can you elaborate more on the Miss'd American pagent? I'm kind of clueless.