11 February 2006

Red Alert! (R)

I had plans to take a nap and go to the gym before my visit to Patti.
Nope. She rang me up just as I was about to lie down, crying and moaning in a great deal of pain. Her niece couldn't get there so I had to fly to the train and run to her house. By the time I got there, she had recovered somewhat. She had horrendous pains in her stomach, on the side that has been fine all this time, and her leg was numb. I was so scared. I got her up and walked her around, she burped (which I hear is something she will be always be doing) and did some personal things. I made her walk some more and did her dishes and got some of the supplies she'll be needing and put them in spots she can reach. I sat with her, she showed me her incisions, they are getting bruised and look horrible. I swear she has lost weight already. She said she felt a 100% better after drinking some water, eating a popsicle and taking her liquid vitamins. We watched telly and then I had to come home.


  1. It's almost more scary when it is someone else in pain than trying to deal with your own! Thank goodness Patti has you to depend on.

  2. Dude, you are such a good friend. Screw that.....you are family to her.

    I have to go now. Alexis needs to come change my cathiter tube:x

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