11 February 2006

Fancy That, I Am Working And It's Raining!

I may be wrong but, if it's gonna snow, and be really bad, it should start snowing soon or we ain't gettin' nuttin'. It's just rain, and a lot of it. I just looked at the projections and it seems we're getting the snow tomorrow. Whatever. The hype machine already killed whatever crowd we would have had tonight and I won't make a bloody dime for my efforts. I swear, this year has turned out so horrible for me and it's only February. I fear to ask what else could happen but, I know it could get a lot worse. Especially with...oh...nevermind.

I guess I should be getting ready, I have no idea what I am wearing and I want to get a home workout in since I haven't been to the gym. I love Miss Patti but, playing nursemaid is taking away from my gym workouts. I haven't been there all week. And I am obsessed, as you know, with the gym.


  1. Since you have built all that muscle..taking off for short periods of time should not hurt you...you are burning more fat now that your all buff. Plus you are an awesome friend....I would love to have you around. Okay I am mushy...goodbye. lol take care

  2. I have been getting off on my workouts too! Don't ya just love it?

    If you ever do get the balls to come here, I will drag your ass to kick boxing so we can die trying.

    Then Alexis can take us to The Carousel (gay bar) that she has been to. Wow....that would be a fucked up weekend:)

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