07 February 2006

Hospital (R)

I spent a few hours with Miss Patti in hospital today. When I got there, she was being walked by an attendant. She looked much better, which took yet another weight off of my shoulders. She told me of her night, it wasn't very pleasant. The pain was very bad and the morphine dispenser was empty and the overnight nurses wouldn't answer her call button. She didn't get any relief until she began screaming. I wanted to walk down that hall and do a "
Terms of Endearment" scene on their asses. Luckily, that shift wasn't there. She said the night was hard through to morning, she was still suffering the effects of the knock-out drugs. It wasn't until after unhooking her from everything and taking her to her morning tests that she felt better. Moving around probably helped. As I was there, they came with dinner, which consisted of clear chicken broth, red jello and a bottle of water. She had one little cube of jello, and I mean little cube, and it made her burp, which hurt like hell. I guess considering her belly is now the size of her thumb, it's about all she can eat. She also had a tube for draining bodily liquids, which luckily, was underneath her clothing. She said it was disgusting. I won't even imagine. Some work friends showed up, with birthday and get well balloons and as I left, another friend was stopping by. Right before I left, she was feeling a bit more pain and took Tylenol with codeine (lucky bitch) and began to drift off. She is to be released on the morrow, to me, so I am arranging transportation as we speak. Then I will spend time with her until I have to go to work.

I walked home on the boardwalk, it was chilly but, not too bad. I saw Little Jose at Evo (he works at the restaurant I used to work at) and he offered to skip school tomorrow to help out with Patti. That was nice. I stopped by my Father's home, my step-mom is sick. What else is new? Seems everyone is coming down with something.

Now I am home and just ate some dinner, breaded chicken breast with fresh Parmesan cheese and spinach sauteed in garlic and oil.

Who am I and when did I become a cook?

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