14 February 2006

When It Rains, It Snows! (R)

I am exhausted and I cannot sleep. I hate this. I am still on Saturday time and it's almost Tuesday. Remember when I stated I needed a job? Remember all that free time I had to organize cabinets and sort clothes and take walks and go to the gym?
I don't have it anymore.
Not only did Saturday come first with a torrential rain shower then a nor'easter blizzard, it brought more work than I can shake a cocktail shaker at! Or a rose stem. Saturday SUCKED so bad, I think I had a grand total of ten customers all night. The snow storm was mostly on the mainland and we didn't get hit with it until around five in the morning and what little crowd we did have, left immediately. We did close the VIP area a little earlier than usual and I went home, miserable. To say I barely made
jitney fare is not overstating the evening. What a total waste of makeup.
Sunday I had to work again, for the open bar thing we have going and, because the snow had stopped in the afternoon and the plows had their chance to clean up the streets, we did much better than the night before. Little Jose and I got a chance to work out in his building's gym and it felt so damn good! I am a little concerned that he's pushing himself too hard after his shoulder injury. I am going to have to keep an eye on him. Then again, he's only twenty-one, he'll heal easier and faster than this beaten and battered old carcass I inhabit. He's starting to look studly again. We are going to be quite buff by summer. Well, because we were busy, we closed later than normal which means, I only had a precious few hours before I had to go to work at the flower shop.
And bloody, buggery bollocks did I work! It was non-stop from the time I got there, around nine, until we had lunch, which by tradition, the shop springs for on the day before and the day of the St. Valentine's Day holiday. Then it was back into the breach. It is really like the Christmas season for the floral industry. We made so many rose bouquets, I haven't a clue how many hundreds of flowers I stemmed. Not to mention the non-stop vases I greened and the constant shifting of the merchandise in and out of the walk-incooler. The phone never stopped ringing and I was glad for the chaos. It kept me awake and functioning, I work extremely well under high pressure. All of my experience from opening casinos (I opened three and one expansion) and bartending at a popular club keeps me honed for this kind of intense pressure. I took many pictures both from the club and during the day at the florist and I will post them soon (side note to
dear Coy, you think you've got flowers? Wait'll you get a load of these, lol). I must say, I really like working at the flower shop. I have only been there three days and I feel like I belong there. I was welcomed right away and I seem to fit right in. It's just temporary, for the holiday but, who knows? I am sure if they need me, they won't hesitate to ring me up when they need help or to cover vacations and whatnot.
I finally got home and passed out on the couch for a bit. That's my problem, I am so amped up from actually working, I can't seem to sleep. And get this, I only have one day off until next Monday.
Like I said, when it rains, it snows!

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  1. Bloddy, buggery bollocks....I love it.

    Sounds like you do thrive under pressure. I can't imagine working at a floral shop on Valentines day.

    You are right about Jose. I have had two shoulder surgeries and pushing it too soon can slow healing or even cause permanent damage.

    I can't stop it from raining but I'll let you use my umbrella.

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