14 February 2006

You Don't Bring Me Flowers.

St. Valentine's Day is over! Thank the gods. I never want to see a rose again. I cannot begin to tell you how many roses we went through. How we stopped taking orders at eleven in the morning. How the wire (FTD and such) service didn't take our orders all day. How stupid and rude people are when they don't think ahead and preorder and take it out on us. The girls that answered the phones were each cursed out by some bonehead at one time or another.

Chuck, the head designer, let me make some full arrangements (pictures taken and will be posted soon). I think he was being nice when he said they were O.K. but, I don't believe he was all that impressed. I was still proud of my work and actually took one home. He gave me a lot of great advice and made the day just fly by. I just followed his lead and tried to keep him supplied with greened vases and stemmed roses. We laughed all day which makes it much easier to deal with the holiday rush. I loved his stories about his previous job at another flower shop. I think the creative arts businesses attract an interesting set of characters, which makes it that much more interesting. The next time I will be working at the shop is probably around Mother's Day. Ooh, spring flowers. Very nice!

Tomorrow is payday from the club and I am awaiting my income tax checks. All this work and I am still poor as dirt. Go figure.


  1. So you worked around a bunch of pricks this week huh? ha ha.

    OK, that was dumb. Just made me think of "Life is a bed of roses, and I end up with the pricks"

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  2. You excellent student Mortimer-Hopper(in ancient Chinese accent)..
    You make three arrangements. Two sell, one take home. Cannot expect better on third day learning.

    ....But seriously, you were a Great Help Mortimer. There wasn't a single prick left by 4 pm Valentine's Day! Best of all..... You turned that Kathy Rigby poster to the wall. I am forever grateful.
    ...til we work again