23 November 2005

Where's Mary Bleepin' Poppins When You Need Her?

I am taking a short break. Just cleaning the front window area with all the shelves and plants and knicknacks and dead plant material and various and sundry dirt buildup, is taking it's toll. UGH! It's not like anyone will look at these things up close or in daylight. Oh well, it needed to be done. The end tables and coffee table and under the couch cushions were also done. Now it's on to the small bathroom, then I have to get ready to go to my Father's home for a little visit. Friday is another day and I hope to tackle the dining room and my bedroom. Monday will be the kitchen area.

My Mother rang in a panic, I was going to go to center city Philadelphia tonight and stay overnight so I would be there in the morning to get a ride to Maryland. I changed my plans and told everyone but her. I got so into my cleaning spree, I totally forgot. I quickly jumped to the NJTransit site and told her when I would be at the train station, waiting to be collected. She can now sleep soundly.

I cooked a quick boxed chili and it blew up all over the microwave. Nice. Like I needed another bloody thing to clean! Ugh!

Back to work!

1 comment:

  1. Mary Poppins actually wasn't the maid; she was the nanny, remember? Wouldn't it be neat, though, to have a nanny to take care of us?

    Again, have a great day!